Friday, December 14, 2007

Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu!!!

PRE-AMBLING: This post will accomplish 3-things. One. Tell you I reviewed Wu-Tang Clan's newest CD over at spunkybean. Two. Plug spunkybean. Three. Briefly talk about Survivor!.

RE-DIRECTING: To spunkybean. Here I've reviewed the latest Wu-Tang CD, 8 Diagrams. It will be the last Wu-Tang CD I'll review because I can't imagine they'll ever get back together and make an album. And I'm OK with that. Plus, I was luke-warm on this effort and just won't spend the money on any future Wu-Tang CDs. I say that, now.

PIMPING: spunkybean. Seriously ...yesterday's original piece, "Chewbacca: The Final Interview" is the best we've posted, so far. I fell in with a group of talented, funny writers I hope will rub-off on me. This is a stellar effort.

SURVIVOR: My brother texted me that Mullet-Fu is actually a genius. No, sir. I'm not buying it. I'm still convinced she thinks Elf Boy and Skeleton Girl have her back. Was it smart to keep the super-villain duo and get rid of Figi? Or is it Pigi? P - G? Yes. Cuz if you find yourself in the final two with any of the three left in the game, you'll win. But Mullet-Fu ain't makin' it to the final three. Unless she wins immunity - which won't happen if another bird fetus is presented as a meal - she's gone. The remaining survivors are well aware of her harmlessness and will NEVER pick her into the final two. Never.

Mullet-Fu should have kept P-G. Period. Should've taken Blurred-Butt Girl (why is her butt blurred in every scene ...can America's TV viewing world not handle an exposed butt cheek?), to the reward. She should've left Elf and Skeletor on the beach to seethe and plot. And then she should've convinced Blurred-Butt and PG to vote Elf and Skeletor out of the game.

Now? Mullet-Fu has no chance. She's gone, next week.

I'm glad I have a blog to permanently record how much I hate this show. Well, this season, at least. I'm still not entirely convinced Skeleton Girl will make it until this Sunday's finale before she completely shrinks into nothingness.

I give Elf Boy credit, though. He's fully aware of his jackassery. He long-ago abandoned any hope of finding respect or admiration from the jury and now he's just playing the odds. Odds are he can beat the more-hopeless Skeletor and he's going to do everything he can to ensure her skinny buddy is with her on Sunday night to weather the brutal questions and judgements that await them on the jury.

That was a long sentence. These 60-hours until the finale will be long. The days, weeks, and months that follow until the January premieres will be an eternity.

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