Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Daily Life

OVERHEARING: In the elevator this morning. Two women having a conversation and one says to the other:
Woman #1: "These little horses can live 20 years. But if they blow out a hip or sprain a knee, they just don't live that long. That's why they put tennis shoes on them."

Woman #2: "Really? Tennis shoes?"

Woman #1: "Oh, yeah. Tennis shoes tied up real tight. Keeps them fuckers from slippin' and fallin' on the tile or hardwoods. Its a horse! It don't do well when it ain't on grass. Gorgeous animals, but dumb shits when you take them off grass or dirt
Well, I'llllllll be. I searched the internet and there's all kinda pictures of tiny ponies wearing shoes. Waddya know? You really do learn something every day. Sadly, dumb shit ponies, apparently, do not.

FIZZLING: My interest in Clash of the Choirs. I think I realize what it's like for my friends in their 30s to be dating. They really want to like the new person they're seeing. They want to be falling in love and be the next eHarmony success story, but if it ain't workin', it ain't workin'. With the writers strike going on, the Christmas season re-runs in full swing, and American Idol still weeks away, I guess I was trying force myself to like something. I feel like, maybe, I didn't really give America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, or Project Runway my 100% effort. Maybe I could've overlooked some serious shortcomings. I mean, hey ...the other shows I watch aren't perfect. Sure, I watch them, but they're not exactly Sopranos. Who am I to judge this show, right? Maybe there's a reason I don't have anything to watch after Thanksgiving, typically. I'm out there expecting every show to be American Idol or Lost, but truth is, they can't be. But if I don't truly love a show, shouldn't I wait for true love? I don't know. I'm just so confused. I guess it's true what they say ...that you're more likely to be struck my lightning than find a show you love after the age of 30. That's what they say, right?

Maybe I'll give Ice Road Truckers a call. It really is a nice show and my parents think it's so darn charming ...yes ...maybe I will. Does anyone else her string music?

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