Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Post is So Lame You'd Think I'm a Writer on Strike

Last I checked, blog-writers aren't on strike. But the quality and content of this post will make you think that's the case.

WRITING: spunkybean. Our little pop-culture web-site. I've committed to (4) articles this week ...and its already Wednesday. I may use holidays, vacation, and reduced readership during the Xmas-NewYear's week as an excuse for not writing and missing my own deadlines. And we all know making-excuses is a true symbol of greatness ...I'm pretty sure that's one of Stephen Covey's "7 Habits." I should probably read that book, again.

AND WRITING: Text Messages to Santa. That's the name of a short-story I'm writing. So far its long on gags and short on structure. Do things actually have to happen in a story to be considered a story? Just asking. Actually, I'm writing it kinda outta embarrassment. Seems my blogosphere (geez, I feel geeky writing that) bestest friend got me something for Christmas, and ...I didn't get him anything. Apparently he and his family don't give store-bought gifts and, instead, write Christmas stories for each other every year and read them aloud beside the fire and under the tree each Christmas Eve. I assume nog is served, sweaters are worn, and a Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole tune fills the air. Heck, I don't know their family (I really don't actually even know Nickel Guy), but I'll betcha someone smokes a pipe.

I may have the details wrong ...but, yes ...his family writes stories and reads them.

You can read his 2005 version at his blog. I was lucky enough to be able to read his 2007 story. Cuz, like I said, we're bestest friends. And since I feel guilty (read: inspired), I'm going to get him a story in return.

AND WRITING: Three movie scripts. It appears unlikely that my reality show concept is going to be bought and produced any time, soon, so ...why not write movie scripts? Right? I have three really strong ideas. But as they say in Hollywood, an "idea" is about as worthless as a Stephen Segal movie. It's what you do with that idea and how you build a story around it that counts. It's not enough to say you'd like to make Mr. Ed into a feature movie ...cuz, really, who doesn't? No, sir. You have to have a full concept. A story. Everything. Sooooo, in 2008 I'm going to turn my (3) "ideas" into stories.

AND WRITING: Spec scripts. While reading all those books on movie script writing, I learned that you can make a living or launch yourself into superstardom simply by submitting spec scripts to established television shows. First you have to build some rapport, I guess. Write a fan-letter to a writer and ask for some advice or something. Then, if you get that return letter (and, yes, you write a letter on paper ...because no one does that anymore and a well-written letter is more likely to get read and returned), you write a follow-up and then include a spec script. I guess there's hundreds of Hollywood success stories based on this model. Sounds crazy, I know ...but I have very little to lose. Plus, you faithful blog readers will get to laugh at me and my letters right here.

AND WRITING: My other blog. My family blog. I have yet to finish my Christmas Letter, journal the holiday happenings - everything since Halloween - and record a few family member milestones.

Some may ask, "why?" And many ask, "how do you have the time?" Truth is ...I don't know "why" and I really don't have the time. But I know one thing ...I like to write. Some guys hunt and some have a passion for golf and carve out 4 or 8 hours a week in pursuit of those hobbies. Heck, I know some guys who like doing Soduku puzzles and spend hours upon hours doing Soduku puzzles each week. Do you laugh at those people? Well? Do ya? I'm sorry ...I don't mean to get defensive. And if you're one of the 3 or 4 people who might actually read a DonniEgo post the length of this one, I'm not talking to you. You understand.

Well's the 26th and, I can't believe it employer probably expects me in the office some time, today. Later.

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