Friday, December 07, 2007

Suriving ...Barely

So much to say, so few readers. Oh, wait. So little time. Oh, ye faithful Ego-maniacs, please check back Sunday evening.

Things I'm chewing on . . .

SURVIVOR: Mullet Fu made a grave tactical error. That wasn't Skeleton-Girl's father, I'm convinced. Why were the sisters bird calling? Where's James!?!?!? Oh, that's right. I am sad.

RANKING: My children. I've determined when my three kids are old enough to understand the system, I'm going to rank them each Sunday. They'll have too work hard all week and I'll take independent polling from teachers, friends, and family and then Sunday night they see if they've moved up or down the rankings. My friends have dubbed this the CCS - Child Championship Series. I may even allow neighbor children, schoolmates, and cousins into the rankings to make it more competitive. Hey ...NCAA football can't get it right, I get some time to perfect this. Mainly I think it will motivate my kids to focus each week and make sure they take even mid-major chores or non-conference (non-family) children seriously. Maybe I'll be impressed the neighbor kid mowed my lawn? He could get some #1 votes. I'm just sayin'.

BEANING: And then there's spunkybean. My little baby. It's still in beta mode ..."beta" meaning us figuring out what it is and why people would visit it ...but its a fun side project. Taking time away from the Ego, though.

'Tis all. Have a nice weekend.

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