Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Blog!

EXCITING: Is this a sad day or an exciting day? Depends on your perspective. If you are the Starbucks employee who accepted my counterfeit $20 bill this morning, it's a sad day. If you just landed a professional writing gig and your name is "Don", and you just launched a new blog, were put in charge of another blog, and you will be ghost-writing for someone famous ...well, then it's an exciting day.

I invite you to visit my new blog, which is the same as this blog, but with more potential. Like my kids ...each of them are great, don't get me wrong. But there's one of 'em that, let's face it, will be better than the others. Similarly ...both of my 'ego' blogs are great and I love each of them ...but that WordPress blog? Yep. It's gonna be special.

Don't worry ...spunkybean is still alive and kicking. And when American Idol comes back on January 13th, I'll be burning the midnight oil to bring you the most sarcastic and clever commentary anywhere on the Internet(s). I will also be writing the weekly The Bachelor column, which should post on spunkybean this afternoon.

So, to the dozen or so loyal readers ...thanks for sticking around for this past year and a half, for reading everything I write (even the stupid stuff), and for potentially reading my future work.

Don't worry, there'll be more details on my new blog shortly (shortly defined: within 30-90 days). Happy New Year!

HYPOTHESIZING: A funny t-shirt that could be worn by a young toddler ..."Daddy's Little Laps in Judgement". It's in very poor taste, I know. But take a moment and get in-touch with your internal white-trash-self and laugh. Laugh loudly, love passionately, and live dangerously.