Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Like, I know

Yo. Sometimes things happen and you just have to share. Or blog them, I guess. To "share" would mean that someone other than me is reading this and taking something from it.

On the way up the elevator today, I heard the following half of a cell phone conversation. It was awesome. Awesome as in a "man-walks-into-a-plate-glass-window-without-seeing-it" type of awesome, not so much the "grand-canyon-is-awesome" awesomness.

Here's what I heard. I hit the button and rode to the 3rd floor with this chick.
"Iiiiiiiii know.
"I toooooooootally know.
"That's what i said.
"I knooow. I knooooww.
"You totally know.
"I know.
"I was like, no. And she was, like, no."

"Call me when you know."
That shit is so unbelievable, no one would even believe it happened. But it did.