Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Magic Bean

In the classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack trades his family's cow for beans. Magic beans. He was supposed to take the cow into town and trade it for bread. Instead Jack met a man who offered something that sounded much better than bread. Magic beans. Beans, Jack was told, that would grow to the sky.

Jack took that deal. A cow for some beans that seemingly had great potential.

It is with this story in mind that I'm trading my cow (DonniEgo) for magic beans ...spunkybean. I, like Jack, met a strange little man on my way to market who promised big things. A big idea. A site that could reach up to the sky. 'Tis our plan. Though unlike Jack, we don't assume our bean will grow to the sky overnight.

spunkybean intends to be "a zesty pop culture stew." We'll take our small, opinionated voices and talk about TV, music, movies, and whatever else seems to perpetuate society's vernacular. We hope you'll like what you read there and check back daily. We hope you share spunkybean with friends, bookmark it, and add it to your RSS reader. We hope you buy spunkybean logo apparel ...though none is available, yet.

I, The Don, also hope you continue to check-in at DonniEgo, too. I'll still be here, writing, every day, but I don't think anyone wants to read my poorly-written, stream-of-conciousness thoughts on everything. I mean ... I do have thoughts on everything, but I'll keep them on this blog.

With that ...I invite you to read my much anticipated review of Blake Lewis's Audio Day Dream. It's at spunkybean.

Here's to magic beans.

1 comment:

DaveOholic said...

Your cheating on us??????

I just started reading this sight and your leaving? What did I do, I can respond more. I can read all about you and what you like. Just tell me we can make this work.

I know you say Donniego will go on, but I knwo how this goes. You start off just writing there a couple times a week. then you feel more energized after Beaning than Ego-ing. You start seeming more distant, then just cutting off contact entirely. I need you.... There I said it, "I need you" and maybe I don't say it enough.

So, go and sew you wild beans. When you spiral out of control and need a friendly note to read we will be here for you.