Sunday, December 30, 2007

Growing Up?

A friend recently posted the following comment on Netflix about a Miami Vice (the movie) and sent it my way. He was reaching out...

Note: Add it to the pile. Movies get worse and worse and worse yet. This was a steaming pile of shit. I hate to be so negative but I honestly can't find a good movie!! Any suggestions?

I think 2 things are happening here ...possibly 3.

1. My friend is getting older and growing out of action-adventure movies.
2. Action/adventure movies really do suck these days (thanks, Michael Bay).
3. He's becoming a grumpy-ol'-man.

Hell, I didn't like Transformers and wished I hadn't wasted $8 on it.

A few years ago I came up with the theory that movies like this (Miami Vice, Transformers) are for 10-21 year-old boys. Now that we're late-20s, early-30s, we just can't deal with the same tired plots, catchphrases, and impossible situations. And ...special affects are better ...but directors don't use them very well - why can't Hollywood actually blow up a building and not just pretend-to blow up a building, anymore?

Take heart ...a new Indian Jones movie is coming out. There's a few shoot-em-up movies that still rise above (The Rundown, Bourne Identity). But maybe we all need to rent some classics ...or embrace our movie snobbishness and just forget this genre all-together. Go on a Hitchcock marathon. Or a Clooney marathon - he's got a few clunkers, but for the most part has managed to stay above the fray.

Or we could go all "indie" films for a while ...IFC Channel and Netflix could keep us busy for a year with obscure titles and tales.

If anyone's paying attention, suggest a few titles for an aging action-adventure guy to start anew. Thanks.


EJ said...

Actually, Miami Vice wasn't really an action-adventure movie. That would imply that things happened and objects moved. Not liking it doesn't mean you're old -- it means you like movies where things happen.

KWass said...

The fact that Colin Farrell hasn't won an Oscar yet is a giant sack of crap.

Didn't the Academy see Daredevil? BULLSEYE! I rest my case.


EJ said...

"You're good. But me? I'm magic!"

Man, I'm a nerd.