Sunday, December 30, 2007


DISCOVERING: Weezer news. Cuz you want to know as much as I do, you'll wanna read this article from

  • Rivers spoke to the possibility of releasing more home demos.
  • Cuomo describes the new songs, which are being co-produced by Rick Rubin, as “dark and deep and beautiful,” and “definitely more sophisticated and adventurous. You’ll hear very long songs … and non-traditional structures.”
  • Rivers said that he hopes to release at least one more “Alone” and is currently in discussions with Geffen about doing so. The track list is currently being finalized to Weezer’s new album, which is slated for an April or May release.
Can't get enough? Try two sites (well, one's a message board, actually) devoted to Weezer
Enjoy. More to come including my review of Rivers's solo project, Alone, at spunkybean week. Like I won't be beggin' you to read it.

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