Saturday, March 29, 2008

Look at these Idiots

My Michigan State Spartans were DESTROYED by Memphis in the Sweet 16 on Friday. Look at their future staring on from the bench.

I couldn't be more disappointed.

In other news, I watched The TV Set starring David Duchovny and Sigourney Weaver, and this movie was very good for a guy like me hoping to pitch a TV show (and get it picked up). I'm also watching The End of Suburbia because someone recommended it to me when I claimed that I secretly hope we run out of oil sooner than later because I'm fascinated to see how our country adapts. I anticipate we'll invent a new energy source (or actually start using one that already exists), but this movie argues the 'American Dream' will die and our culture will change forever. Make no mistake - will WILL run out of oil and things WILL change. I'm simply fascinated to see how it all changes and I hope we don't whither and perish ...or cry and/or eat each other.

Here's the trailer ... hooray for abundance!

It really is as good as it looks. Gosh, this is depressing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Shouldn't Be Laughing

I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. Last night South Park returned for its new season and Trey and Matt went back to the comedy well they never tire of drawing from - terminal diseases. The episode, "Tonsil Trouble", centers around Cartman getting HIV ...or, AIDs. The never sympathetic Cartman suddenly wants everyone to feel sorry for him ...but of course, Kyle only laughs at his misfortune.

The suddenly concerned Cartman decides to hold a fund raiser featuring Elton John, but Elton John doesn't show because AIDs is no longer the trendy disease to care about. That theme echos throughout the episode. In Elton's place, Jimmy Buffet performs and I laughed so hard I nearly got sick.

Trey and Matt actually raise a good point, as they often do. What ever happened to AIDs and efforts to cure it? In addition to this scene, the scene in Nigeria is also so wrong that laughing seems mean ...but I laughed anyway.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Much to Watch

I've been taking some notes on napkins, envelopes, and sometimes even in my notebook. Here's some vitally important things on my agenda.

REMEMBERING: The Caribou Coffee by my house. I had two within a mile, and the one was a mere :30second drive away and now's gone. I've been forced across the street to Starbucks. Because I don't enjoy the way they roast their beans, I'm saving money in the evenings as we're not getting random lattes, cappuccinos, or mochas to help us through our hours of TV each night. I have a good mind to contact Biggby's and see about opening one in there.

WATCHING: You probably think the Writer's Strike took a toll on my TV viewing habits. I'll admit did, slightly. 14 hours worth of shows was cut to a mere 11.5. That's about to change, again. I've updated my Tivo list for your information.

GREEK: Returns to ABC Family on Monday, March 24th.

THE BACHELOR: Returned last night with a "Where Are They Now?" special and ...its irresistible force. I managed to escape after just 13 minutes, but I fear it will be on a TV somewhere in my house each Monday, and I'm doomed.

SOUTH PARK: Returns tomorrow night ...Wednesday, March 12th.

BREAKING BAD: Sunday nights ...the most gut wrenching hour on television. Bryan Cranston brings incredible life to this dying, suffering, complex character. I rank it in my top-5 shows on TV, already. I don't dare watch it on Sunday night because I simply can't sleep following it. He's a criminal. He's a father. He's trying to be responsible and his pride gets in his way, while at the same time he can't stop himself from traveling down a dark, dark path. If TV has a better loathsome-yet-sympathetic character, I haven't seen him.

HUMAN GIANT: You love them each week on Best Week Ever see them bite off a second season of some, well, pretty good sketch comedy. Premiers tonight ...Tuesday, March 11th at 11pm. I think I'm being a bit needy in hoping for a 'good' sketch comedy show. It's been a while since a Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, Chappelle Show or Upright Citizen's Brigade really hit. Comedy Central doesn't even try, anymore (no ...I won't listen if you say Mind of Mencia is 'trying'). The Whitest Kids You Know is 'ok', and so is Human Giant. Frank TV on TBS is horrible, SNL still gets an hour and half each week for the simple fact it is SNL afterall, MAD TV I've never really 'gotten' ...its a bit of a downtick in the sketch comedy genre. Sometimes a show like Human Giant can ramp-up in its second season as they weed out what sucked, what works, add a few writers, and their network puts some money behind them. Watch tonight and judge for yourself.

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL: That's right. I'll be watching the WE Channel. I have daughters who, someday, will be in high school and I have to see this. 12 girls. 4 years of following them around on camera. Done right, this could be good. It premiered last night, but I'm sure you can catch the premiere again and 'Season Pass' the rest. Please, please let there be one well adjusted girl with straigh As who doesn't see the need to date, have a boyfriend, or experiment with anything of any kind. Just a gal who loves her Dad and is self-aware. Pleeeeeeeaaaase!

EDIT: This article from yesterday's USA Today makes me think High School Confidential is not going to fill me with hope and optimism.

And this doesn't even factor in the Hannity, O'Reilly, Daily Show, Colbert Report, and 3-hours of American Idol I already watch for my various writing assigments, and of course LOST, The Office, Pardon the Interruption, Survivor, Jericho, and Celebrity Apprentice. Phew! And March Madness is a mere 9 days away!!!

Taking into account only the programming and Tivo'ing past the commercials, I'm at 17+ hours (low estimate) of TV I'm trying to watch, weekly. I'm sick ...not Nickel-Guy 'sick' ...but, still ...pretty sick.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Dream Come True (represented by someone else's accomplishment)

Prepare to have your mind blown! Mine is.

APPLAUDING: The guy at Silly Pipe Dreams. In this entry he talks about meeting with the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which anyone who knows anything knows is about the funniest new show on TV in the past 3 years). And while I'm a new reader to Mr. Pipe Dream's blog, I've been able to gather he works in TV, a little, but was hired as a writer for the show in part because of his blog. I'm sure there's more to this. I just wanted to share something awesome.

SHARING: More Guard Talk. While this won't get my hired as a writer on TV, it will entertain a few of you.
The DonniEgo Community Theatre Players
The Crazy Conversation V & VI:
G= The Security Guard; B = My Brother

(my brother gets called to the front and told there is a guy walking around the parking lot looking into cars - pretty simple)
G: Don'sBrother. There is a guy who has been in the lot for about an hour. He is going in and out of the rows of cars and looking into the cars.
B: What does he look like (looking out into the lot)?
G: He has a grey sweater-hat-thing (he is describing a grey hooded sweatshirt).
B: Where was he?
G: I saw him over by the white thing, near the end of the lot over there in that area (he means a white car in the second row).

(after returning from walking around the parking lot)

G: He was out there for a long time. I think he is probably high, he seemed to be on something. He'll probably say he is looking for jumper cables ... NO WAY!!! Come on, out there for an hour in this cold? He is probably high.

(my brother does not feel more 'secure' despite this man being his store's 'security' guard)
(later ...a quicky)

G: Don'sBrother. Someone ran out the door with some product. Could be a man or a woman, could be black or white, I don't know what he got or anything.
B: Thanks.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm Not Really into spunkybean ...Just Don.

Trust me ...I understand. I like me and things about 'me' way better than other people and what they have to say. So, I apologize to avid DonniEgo readers who've been left empty with lack of updates.

CHANGING: Hair stylists. This decision doesn't come easy, but I can no longer drive halfway across the city to stick with my hair stylist who changed salons. So, I called her old salon, Beauty in Birmingham, MI, and they set me up with a dude named Scott who, I have to admit, knocked it outta the park. That was Tuesday and I'm happy to report my hair is kickin'.

ANTICIPATING: A final, huge snow storm. The Metro Detroit area might get 8, 12 or 53 inches of snow sometime tomorrow. 'Developing storm' map here. I predict its going to pass south of me. But, I'd really like to use my snow blower another time, and my kids love the snow, so I'm hoping it hits Detroit and hits us hard.

REDIRECTING: You. To spunkybean. You don't think I'd let an entire blog entry pass without mentioning the site. My American Idol recaps are there ...hilarious and insightful as ever.

EMBEDDING: A cool YouTube video Darrin Wassom sent me about a program called Phun. It claims this software is a free download, and I aim to see if that's true. My kids, I think, would dig this.

Coming soon ...more guard talk, Survivor thoughts, and more.

Monday, March 03, 2008

More Guard Talk

The DonniEgo Community Theatre Players
The Crazy Conversation V & VI:
G= The Security Guard; B = My Brother

(my brother is building a beer NASCAR-beer display for his store)
G: Don's-Brother (Guard chuckles) ... Bill - ya know, the guy who stocks stuff - was asking what do you think they will do with that NASCAR inflatable car when that display comes down? I told him I did not know if someone was going to take it home, or if it had to go back to the vendor. I don't know what you guys do with these.
B: Oh.
G: Yeah ... you know Bill collects things like that ... and toys ... he has a big collection. I don't know about them, I don't collect toys anymore. Nope. I don't collect toys. I collect coins, that is what I collect.
B: Oh? (my brother immediately regrets his inquisitive tone)
G: Yeah ... I was wondering what you will do with that car? Bill wants it if nobody else wants it. Or maybe Keith, he has alot of cars like that and he is big into cars. I told Bill I would keep an eye on the car when the display comes down. What do you guys do with the car?
B: It is in the office if anyone wants it. (the longest sentence he's ever said to Guard)
G: I'll take it and hang onto it for Bill so it doesn't disappear. You know Bill collects these and then after a while they are worth some money. They call it "collecterbills" (that is how he pronounced it).
B: (regretting his previous "oh?" more than ever) Leave it in the office and I will make sure Bill gets it.
G: Okay ... because you know Bill collects stuff like that and has alot of cars.
(and finally as my bro finished the display)

G: Don's-Brother (Guard is chuckling again) ... are you going to put a barbecue next to that?!?! (really getting a good chuckle out of the display)
B: Maybe.
G: (here comes the punchline) You know some people like beer and BBQ pork, or beer and BBQ ribs ,or beer and BBQ chicken, it would help the display.