Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Musings

HEY, SPORT: Sean Casey of the Tigers was told his services will not be needed next season. Tiger management told him Saturday, a day before the end of the season, even. To me, the timing of that conversation seems a bit harsh. I can only imagine he started asking Leyland and Dombrowski about moving his locker closer to the entrance so he could see the TV easier, playing his hand that his eyesight ain't what it used to be and Leyland and Dombrowski looked at each other and one said, "oh ...yeah ...well about next year." And then both kinda pointed to the other and Sean Casey was like, "are we getting more TVs?" And that made it totally hard for Leyland and Dombrowksi, cuz they like the guy and all. Neither really wanted to break it to him and if Casey had just shut up right then and there ...but Casey was all like, "NEW TVs! Oh, boy!!! Wait 'til I tell the guys," and started to run off. "Guys! Guys! -" Leyland was hoping Dombrowski would say something but that guy wasn't sayin' anything and Leyland blurted, "you're not getting picked up for next year." There were a few awkward moments followed by Sean stammering a little bit about not liking baseball too much, anyway, and that he was never really all that excited about living and playing in Detroit and, well, that it was just better that way. Dave D, never really good with words, tried to say that it was him and not Casey and the Tigers were the bad guys or something. But Sean hastily backed out of the office and was like, "is that my cell phone? It is ...I'll be right back, guys. Hold that thought." And that was that. It's gonna be weird between these three guys for a while. Too bad, really.

POLITICKING: The Michigan government shut down, then settled something, and I guess everyone is back to work. It is my understanding that services are being taxed. Will this include hair services ...cutting, shampooing, and styling? I'll have to find out. And if so, while there is no tax I wouldn't pay for a premium coif of hair, I will stand arm and arm with the stylists and barbers of this state to overturn this tax. Open up the fire hydrants. I'll stand strong (and wear a shower cap, of course).

AWFULLY SPORTING OF ME: My Spartans lost a close one ...that shouldn't have been close ..but was ...and we could've won ...even though we weren't supposed to ...but to lose that way was more heartbreaking than losing by two touchdowns. That field goal had enough leg, dang it!!! Crap, crap, crap! If they come out and hurt Northwestern next week - hurt them bad - all will be forgiven. Now that they've played so well, I expect them to win their next two. MSU fans are skitzo! Also ...I could not be less excited about the Lions being 3-1. I don't trust it. Like they say in Texas ...fool me once ...shame on Fool me twice and ...well ...I'm a Lions fan ...I'll be back next year. Ah, hell week. Same time, same channel, same hopes waiting to be dashed. Let the record show ...I want to be this year's New Orleans.

WATCHED AND WATCHING: Chuck. Week 2 and I'm stuck on Chuck. My wife astutely pointed out the lack of sets. Every scene takes place in either Chuck's sister's apartment or the Buy More store. And the street. In watching the show I can tell the writers and producers were given limited funds so, instead of set design, they opted for cars for chases and, in episode 2, a helicopter. Well played. If you see a Ferrari or Porsche in any of these first few episodes, you'll see the show's creator's grand plan - if this show sucks and doesn't get picked up, he's keeping the car.

Til Tuesday.

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EJ said...

Did you catch the best part of "Chuck"? When the creepy doctor was testing Chuck, one of the secrets he rattled off was "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by...". Ha!

Chuck knows who's in the coffin, I'll bet.