Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What'd I Tell Ya?

BOASTING: Did you watch the ALCS last night. Isn't Paul Byrd a hoot? I could so totally be a sports writer (though I probably would have to stop using phrases like "so totally" and "hoot"). AP writer Tom Withers writes:
The Cleveland Indians, relying on a throwback pitcher who looks as if he stepped out of their 1948 team photo, moved one win from another crack at winning an elusive championship.

Pumping his arms with an old-school windup, Paul Byrd blanked Boston long enough and Casey Blake homered to start Cleveland's seven-run rampage in the fifth inning as the Indians beat the Red Sox 7-3 Tuesday night for a 3-1 lead in the AL championship series.

I'm just happy I'm not alone in enjoying his flair for the dramatic. Not enough of that, these days. Now, all he needs is a Rollie Fingers mustache. And let's face it, couldn't the world use a few more mustaches like that and alot more flair?

SPEAKING: One more thing I got from Heroes this season ...the word "Boyo." Peter's kidnappers-turned-best-friends-in-the-whole-world call him "Boyo." They say it through a thick Irish accent. It's cool. I'm going to use that word. OK, boyo?

THANKING: My Tyler Durden for clearing up a few of my issues and questions regarding Heroes.

For those who check Donniego daily and expect piping hot content for their sexy bods, I simply must utilize my precious early morning moments as effectively as possible. Remember ...there's a TV pilot and a movie screenplay goin' on.

READING: Screenwriting books. I'm not kidding. I've had a million great ideas in my day, but this is the top idea. I'm convinced this premise can become a story and then, ultimately, can become a movie. I'm even collaborating with someone on this project. That's right. I have a collaborator.

Have a great Wednesday!!!

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