Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Five Days Gone

Holy cow! When did it get to be October 16th?!?!?!

WRITING: Where've I been, you ask? Honestly, workin' on my TV pilot concept. I'm convinced this show can work and if I had an ear of a TV producer, I'd get a green light. Look for the show coming to your TV soon.

ALSO WRITING: Oh ...and my cousin inspired me to write a movie screenplay. This little idea is even better than my television pilot or my book - but not better than my hair. Does anyone have Jason Bateman's phone number. I'm writing the role for him.

WATCHING: So much watching going on I don't know where to begin. Mad Men. I will miss you so much. I can't wait until your return after Christmas. *sniff, sniff* Survivor - China. The weird guy who thinks he's the leader and got naked that one time ...he got voted off. There's been quite a bit of nudity this season, but his was not a welcome nude. Gamblore remembered perfect Mandarin that he knew when he was two. Trust me ...the merge is coming soon and this is all you need to know, for now.

Ya know, I wanna offer my two cents on all this stuff, but with The Office, Heroes, The Bachelor, Chuck, It's Always Sunny, and South Park ...gasp ...I can't keep up.

SPORTING: The Colorado Rockies haven't lost a game since 2004, I think. Someone check that fact. But I'm pretty sure I'm right. And tonight's a real treat. 38 year old Paul Byrd goes for Cleveland. He may not win, but he wears his socks up high and has a wind-up you'd expect to see in an old Looney Tunes cartoon. He's a riot to watch. Michigan State kicked some huge butt against Indiana. I'm happy. And I'm going to Columbus this week as MSU takes on the #1 ranked Buckeyes.

HEROES: As always, I would suggest you read ANFTSJ's recap and meanderings. Personally, I can see why some fans are losing a wee bit of interest and faith. The writers have stripped the whole deal down and are basically starting from scratch. Sylar has no powers. Peter is halfway across the world ...oh ..and inside his brother. Maybe. Ned Ryerson is the new Sylar. The little girl who sees things in dreams and was scared shitless of Sylar, before, is now scared of Mindreaders' Dad. And just where was this guy in her dreams last year? And Clare?!?!?!? Are you f'n kidding me (sorry for the harsh apostrophized language)?!?!?!?! Your Pretend Dad (his name's Bennet, right?) saved your ass and raised you your entire life and this is how you repay him? You won't even let him meet your flying boyfriend??!?!?!? I'd have to check Season 1's DVDs, but I'm pretty sure she saw about six or seven other Hero-people and nearly witnessed a nuclear holocaust in NYC, and now suddenly she's going to keep a secret from her Pretend Dad?!?!?! Then again, shame on Bennet for trusting her dumb ass to be able to handle herself. Come to think of it, with all the new powers we've seen, I'm not sure why we're "saving the cheerleader" anymore. Wouldn't the Mexican Immigrant Life Force Stealing chick truly be the person to protect? And, what's more, we now see the power of healing ain't even all the great or unique. Amnesia Peter can do it. And so can White Rice. And, finally, what about the girl in the diner. Her power is the power to learn things quickly. This is a GREAT (sarcasm) power to have during high school and college, but I don't see how she's going to be doin' any butt-kicking with this skill.

I'm still watching, but they're losing me a little.

Oh, look ...my daughter just learned to walk by watching me, her mother, brother, and sister. She might be a hero like the girl who works in the diner and can't get a promotion. Maybe now that her boss saw her pull a Jackie Chan, she'll get that raise and promotion.

Blogging aimlessly, sadly, seems to be my only power. I'm going to try that swing-around-a-pole kick in front of my boss and see if I get a raise.


EJ said...

You know, you need to mess with Peter and Sylar, just to keep the show going. Those two are absurdly powerful, and if they're at their full faculties, everybody else is expendable.

And the reason Molly didn't have nightmares about Matt's Bad Dad last season is that she spent most of the season with the virus that cripples powers. (The one Mohinder can cure.) Even then she mentioned that there was somebody scarier than Sylar, who could see her when she tried to find him. (I realize you have kids and a life, so you have an excuse to not remember every line of dialogue from last year.)

Personally, I think the copying power is kind of awesome. After all, she's instantly an expert at the thing she copies. Watch Rey Misterioso wrestle, and suddenly you're a wrestler. You can see why the possibliity that somebody could attain the peak of human ability simply by watching TV would appeal to me....

DarrinW said...

I have Justine Bateman's number. Will that help?