Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trapped in the Closet

Thank goodness for a slow Tuesday night of TV. Check out the closets! See. I wasn't kidding. This, obviously, would be much more dramatic with a few "before" pictures.

How's your popcorn poppin' goin'? If you didn't have a piping hot, buttery bowl of goodness during last night's
South Park or Pushing Daisies, you have no excuse not to pop some up tonight. The Office, 30 Rock, Survivor, Mad Men, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or the MLB divisional championship series.

I get so excited just thinking about all that awesome TV each Thursday - and the accompanying popcorn.

NOT READING BUT MEANING TO, BUT WATCHING: I Am America (And So Can You). Colbert's book came out Monday. Soooo, naturally, he interviewed himself as a guest on his own show. Funny stuff (how's that for a review). Did I buy the book, you ask. Heh, eh ...well ...see ...I've got to finish these other books. Does it count that I've "started reading" 9 books this year? Or do you actually have to read them all the way through?

I should do an entire blog entry about the-books-I-almost-read, the good-intentions-and-ideas I had, the hobbies and interests I meant to pursue, and ...well ...yes, I'll totally post that when I'm just feeling a tad bit too happy for my own good. Lord, would that be a sad post.

CONTINUING: ...the blog. Where was I?

ENTHRALLING: MHD. That's how the cool kids refer to MTV's HD channel ...which as far as I can tell is all concerts. The amazing list of performances continues to grow and my viewing of said channel does, too. Last night ...Sting and Kid Rock.

I'm really sticking with my dental flossing. Yes. Hmmmm? I probably should get a haircut. Just trim off a little over the ears. The hair sure is looking good these days. We're making a hawaiian themed scarecrow for a neighborhood grocery store's competition. That's kinda exciting.

(spins around in desk chair, looks at ceiling, sighs)

Sorry, folks. I have to apologize. I'm a little distracted. Not what you're thinking. Let me explain. Do I want this blog to be full of riveting content? Yes. Of course. But the
Donniego blog, as you know, was started by me, for me. Mainly as a quasi-daily-semi-weekly-every-now-and-then tool to free up writers block. What's that you ask? Oh ...yes ...I fancy myself a "writer." OK ...not a writer, per se, but a wanna-be writer. In my mind, I've written novels, shows, and some of the best jokes late night talk shows have ever witnessed. I wrote a best-selling foll0w-up to my first book. And because of that success, people have come out of the woodwork to ask me to work on a TV-pilot with them. And that's not to mention the 100s of scripts I've seen and been asked to collaborate on.

Have I mentioned The Secret? I might be missing the point, but I think that's the point. Think it, think it, think it and your actions will start to follow your thoughts. I've had so many successes with this, I can't count. Case in point ...popcorn. I started thinking about popcorn a few days ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about popcorn and then, last night, I had popcorn. My wife was tired of our closets and her "secret"
must've been closets, closets, closets ...and ...viola!

Baby steps, yes, but what if I could actually make that work with my book? With a television pilot? I keep thinking book, book, book and book-related things keep jumping out at me. Begging me to finish it. And as I've kept these things in my mind, working on them slowly, doing a few daily affirmations (no, not the "
i'm good-enough-smart-enough variety), some very real, strange things have revealed themselves to me.

So, basically, the blog, for today at least, is distracting me from the TV-show-pilot, my book, and short story I've conceptualized. I'm going to post this, have a few sips of some piping hot, organic coffee, and finish that pilot concept. I don't actually know what a TV-pilot script should look like, but I know what the TV show will look like. I'll give the concept to my fearless, tireless friend and I believe he'll make it happen. Two possible outcomes - yes But ya know what? Having tried and failed is better than never having done something at all.

I'm 34. I look back sometimes and do the old
wouldda-couldda-shouldda. I think how I wasted my youth. Think of all the free-time and boundless energy I had when I was 20-24. I couldda been an intern for a network show. Couldda moved to NY. Couldda rubbed elbows with guys writing pilots and scripts. Couldda got a writing gig, myself. Couldda, couldda, couldda.

Like a man's early 20s are the end-all-be-all. Shya! Right! My timeline of life doesn't even include the first 17 years ...cuz really ...what can you do in the first 17 years? Not much without parent or guardian approval.

I can tell you what won't happen. I won't be blogging at age 50 thinking back on all the ideas and opportunity I had at 34 and never carpe'd (siezed). No age 50, I'll look back fondly at the never-ending adventure that I made of my life.

Up, up, and away and kicking these closet doors open!!!

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your wife said...

I LOVE that closet system!! Keep your stuff of the floor.