Friday, October 05, 2007

What I Had for Lunch?

Is this blog becoming uninteresting?

LISTENING: Colbie Callat's "Coco." Thanks to sister Dana for the tip. This Colbie is kinda cute, her voice is pretty hot, and, oh yeah, her music is kinda catchy. Does she do anything to really separate herself from other chick-playing-guitar CDs? Not really. Final diagnosis? I don't hate it. "Tied Down" really stood-out, even over the radio friendly "Bubbly."

EATING: Maybe I'm just late to the party, but as they say ..."better late than never." Ya know how when you make bacon there's all that bacon grease? You have to poor it into a can or glass jar and then throw it away, right? How about pouring it into a glass jar and freezing it. Stay with me. Then, when you make fried or scrambled eggs, and ya know how you usually put a little butter in the bottom of the skillet to make sure nothing sticks? Well, instead, use a little dab of frozen bacon grease ...I'm not kidding. It smells better, it tastes awesome, and ...well ...its awesome. Come to my house for breakfast ...I'll blow your mind!!!!

WATCHING AND LOVING: My new HDTV DirecTV box. Actually I could care less about the box, but the HD pictures. Wow! I wonder if "wow" would pass as a review in some snobby audio-videophile mag? I've had my big screen for 4 years and finally got HD. In my defense (because you're all yelling at your computer monitor, I'm sure), there wasn't much for HD programming. But DirecTV is stocked full of it and more is on the way (list/channel guide). It was installed yesterday. The highlight was a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on MTVHD. Gimme, gimme more.

SURVIVING: Survivor is on fire. They've got nudity, sexism, religion, freaks, predators, fighting (including nude fighting - 2 birds with one stone), and I could totally see some racism before its all said and done. I was really sad Christian Chick got booted. I was looking forward to how she would square outright lying with her favorite bible verses. Frodo Boy and Blond Karen Carpenter - especially Blond Karen Carpenter - looked to be on their way out. Quite a surprise they kept Karen Carpenter around who is the real life embodiment of Montgomery Burns' weakness. If she and Mike D had a baby, it would be a pipe cleaner. Green Mile continued to dominate the physical challenges, go figure, and Weird Leader Guy got naked ...why? Not sure. Other than that, the show never really gets interesting until "the merge." But so far, so good. Oh, and I continue to marvel at the mullet on Mullet Chick ...good lord, that mullet RULZ!!!!!

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