Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Big, Beautiful TV Only Post

Yes, I'm making some home renovations, holding a job, raising some kids, exercising, and reading books. But considering I've watched 20-hours of TV in 3 days, its becoming apparent where my interest lies ...and why I can't focus.

WATCHING, Part 1: Heroes. To really get a feel for this weeks episodes, I'll point you to ANFTSJ or Television Without Pity. Or ...read my 400 words on the show. Before I trash it, let me say, for the record, I love this show. But, the show is walking a fine-line between Action-Adventure and Sci-Fi - which we all know is for geeks. And I'm no geek. Would a geek have as fabulous hair as I? No. Last night - and I didn't know it at the time, Heroes introduced a new character (big surprise) and apparently it was Uhura ...another Star Trek alum. She joins George Takai who was also on Star Trek. In their defense, George Takai was killed-off so the show still only has one Star Trek alum. I, however, don't believe George Takai is actually dead, so I'm going to keep the count at two. I swear, if Shatner and Nimoy show up - even in a Guy at Bus Stop Reading Paper cameo - I'll have to stop watching. No self-respecting cool-guy like myself could sleep at night watching something so geeky. Heroes, as it is, is already so geeky that I don't talk about watching it in public (unless you count a blog as "public" ...right). Sylar is back, and he did kill someone, but he did it without much flair. I was happy when someone referred to "the man with horn rimmed glasses", the director immediately cut to the man with horn rimmed glasses ...cuz I had no clue. Ned Ryerson is a bad hero. And Peter has every power, now. But he's in love. So he'll just use his powers for petty theft - if you call armed robbery "petty" ...which I do. I'm hardcore. Screw the why, how, and who, right, Peter? So you have awesome powers and your identity is sitting in a box in front of you ...that was "then" ...you're living in the "now." I almost yelled "shenanigans" at my TV screen ...but it was midnight and the kids were sleeping. And, finally, Clare's in love with a fly-guy. Yick! I just realized this show was all about love, love, love. Hiro loves a woman he can never be with, but she is falling in love with White Rice. Skitzo chick loves her son, and they both love his dead father. Peter loves that Irish bartendress. The little girl loves Mohinder (yes, he's no longer Indian Dr. Guy, I have learned his character's name), and Kinko's guy (aka Clare's Fake Dad) loves Clare. Again I say ...YICK!

WATCHING, Part 2: Chuck. Whoa! What's this ...a new set!?!? A hotel? Nice. Oh ..and a storage room with a chain link cage. Yes, the majority of scenes were still shot at Buy More and Chuck's sister's apartment, but the addition of a hotel, a hotel room, a rooftop, and a storage room shows me the writers and producers really make the best of what they have. Honestly, if my brother ran a Best Buy, I could shoot this entire show and have all the same backgrounds. I'm not sure why I'm obsessing about this small fact, but it is kinda funny. I really do have to give them all credit ...the story line is just good enough to pull it off. I like this show, it has a Season Pass, and I'll watch it every week ...but I don't think it's blog-worthy anymore.

WATCHING, Part 3: Mad Men. If this show wasn't on little-watched AMC I'd be one of way-too-many people loving the show. And, I wonder, would I like it as much? Or do I like it because I feel like its my own little super-awesome show and I'm on the cutting edge - like with my Docksiders. Is Mad Men the next Sopranos or Entourage (many articles have suggested as much), but because its not on HBO, it just hasn't taken off? And if and when AMC moves it to a sister network or to an actual broadcast network, will it jump-the-shark and will I be a Mad Men snob? I have a hunch that, a year from now, Mad Men will be plucked from AMC and it will be a smash hit with an Emmy to its name. Oh, Don Draper. You poor, misunderstood, genius, cheating, horrible, enviable, well-coifed badass! I loathe you. I want to be you. I am you. I'll never be you. If you were a real person, would you be my friend. Or would I be a real life Pete Campbell with you around? Or worse ...one of the laughing-guys who don't even show up on the radar? Two more episodes left until the fall hiatus and then it returns after Christmas. I will miss you. Who's going to jump from the building? Where's the shotgun?

WATCHING, Part 4: The Bachelor. Still funny. The best bachelor, yet. He's really pretty funny. He didn't say, "amazing" even once, last night. And ...they trotted out his twin brother to mess with the girls' heads. I love it. A few girls didn't even notice it was his twin. I'm sad the lap-dance-topless-skinny-dipping-Christian-values chick didn't get a rose. Her crazy-machine was just getting warmed up. I implore you ...if life's got you down ...watch this show.

WRITING: My buddy had a great idea for a show. So I'm writing the concept and we're going to pitch it to the networks and cable networks. We don't know what we're doing or how the whole game works, but we're gonna jump right in. We want to be famous and rich. Or at least one of the two. Also, I'm back at my book. A best selling book and a top-rated hit show will be mine in 2009. That's how The Secret works. Say it, think it, and tape a picture of it to something and it will happen.

Talk to y'all tomorrow unless something profound hits me this evening. Truth be told, I'll be organizing my closet. Ain't nothin' but a gangsta paaahtay!


EJ said...

Of course you'd be Don Draper in real life. Sadly, I'd be one of the nerdy guys in the Art Department, probably the one who used to play Ernie on "My Three Sons".

But at least we're not stupid wormy Pete.

Anonymous said...

I know you want to be Don Draper. But that makes me Betty. I don't know that I am really that misunderstood, overrun wife. She needs to get a grip and become a little more assertive. If this is how wives acted in the early 60's I am glad I wasn't one then. And no..you are not getting ice tea when you walk through the door, baby.

Anonymous said...

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