Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blog for One

NOTING: I know I have at least one reader who will probably read the article here regarding LOST and he'll read it two or three times. The LOST writers say they know how it will all end.

I swear I was NOT at SciFi Wire-dot-com ...I was merely redirected there.

Also, and I know my world shouldn't be so simple and shallow, this is awesome. I only wish Danny Bonaduce was taller. Watch the video ...seriously will make you happy. I couldn't find the post-fight audio interview where Fairplay's face appears shattered and his jaw is wired shut. I regret that.

I must also take a moment to laud my superest guilty pleasure ...USA Today columnist Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy blog. If, like me, you want to know everything ...check it daily. Check it often.

PROCRASTINATING: Thoughts on bacon fat, HDTV, Survivor, and autumn.

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Myndi said...

And you make fun of me? I've NEVER been on!

How does that bacon grease figure into the coffee & cig diet?