Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Fodder

DEFINING: I just looked up the word "fodder" and I totally nailed it!!!

SURVIVING: No merge. Yet, again. But my guy - James - survived, again. Somehow, incredibly, his fellow competitors gave him the immunity idol and told him where he could find a 2nd immunity idol. Never thinking for a moment about the long-term consequences. Now, it appears, the physically-strongest guy in the competition who could probably win immunity every single week has TWO immunity idols already. Sha-ree (sp?) is gone. Ho-hum. Gamblore (whom they call John Roh-Bear) is so annoying to his fellow survivors that I actually want him to be in the final three. Cuz, really, what good is it if a tribe-favorite gets grilled at the final tribal council? Well. Next week's the merge, so the show will finally start. Oh. They ate chicken fetuses. I'm trying desperately to bury that deep in my subconscious and trap it there.

TOYING: With my emotions. With an idea. With a column of my very own on pop-culture and random stuff. A web-site is set to launch. It will be called something-dot-com and it will be about life, leisure, hobbies, and stuff. It'll need piping-hot-content and columnists who write something once or twice a week and blog daily. Guess who's blog they've been reading and who they approached? You guessed it. Some chick in my writing class. No ...seriously! I shouldn't go all braggin-and-all until the actual site is up and running and I get my first writing assignment, but the little conversation-slash-interview I had on Wednesday was enough of a thrill I thought I'd share. There may be a day when I'm like Woody Allen and you'll remember when I was just one of a million other bloggers bloggin' about not much of anything. I'll be a famous author-slash-columnist and one of you will take all the entries from this blog, organize them into book-form, and sell them as the "garage years." It'll be as sought after as Kurt Cobain's or Jim Morrison's poetry notebooks.

I will also buy a flying car and travel through time.

WATCHING AND WRITING AND HEMMING AND HAWING: Ya know, I just wanted to give ya'll a little something for your troubles (I really am mega-appreciative anyone checks this blog) and tell ya what's going on. 1. The greatest movie you'll ever see is being written. 2. A really good reality show is actually being pitched. Actually. Like, right at this moment. 3. I might spend more time with my family's blog this weekend and with my scripts and stuff. 4. Should I grow my hair out for Locks of Love? The question becomes ...would I scare more children whilst growing out my hair than I would actually help in the long-run? You know when your wife recoils at the thought of you with Jesus-hair for a year-and-a-half, you've got to really think through a decision like that.

WISHING: That Friday hadn't gotten so busy. I had planned to blog for most of Friday afternoon on my company's dime. I didn't. I'm old school.

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Myndi said...

Well, congratulations! Just don't forget all us little people when you're up there accepting your Oscars and Pulitzers and whatnot. And no, that's not a short joke.