Thursday, November 01, 2007

National Novel Writing Month

CELEBRATING: National Novel Writing Month. You have no excuse not to getta workin' on your novel. Visit NaNoWriMo's website and get inspired. I'm currently finishing up my novel about a guy who writes a blog by day, but at night, he sleeps. Hey ...they say "write what you know" and that's something I know a whole helluva lot about.

PHENOMENIZING: Phenomenon. What better way to be spoooooooky on Halloween than to air unexplainable, mind boggling, borderline-witchcraft for two hours, right? Or, as NBC opted to do, air some totally lame, totally-set-up-non-magic "magic." But wait. There's more. Throw in this guy who talks to the dead (clip found on ) ...wait ...hold please ...

(I'm acting like I'm having convulsions because of my conversation with the dead, writhing and jerking my head back and forth ...wooooooo ...scary)

...sorry about that. I just got a message from a dead guy that my drivers license is in my wallet. Hold please ...lemme check.

(pulls wallet from back pocket ...looks inside ...OH GOOD GOD!!!! A DRIVER'S LICENSE!!! ...Raven Simone runs away and overly-flamboyant-gay-man screams in a high pitch)

Whoa! My drivers license ...wallet.

I'm a mentalist!!!

As if these unbelievable feats of mentalism weren't enough 'bout you pretend that Crissth Angel is really mad and there's a fight or something? The clip is on YouTube and can you believe NBC doesn't want it removed? Why? Shouldn't something so unexpected and not pre-scripted and potentially embarrassing be removed?!?!?!

(scratching chin and pursing lips)

Waddya know about that?


Myndi said...

Want to hear something even scarier? I think we just got a glimpse of what's going to happen in February when the networks run out of scripts and the writers are still on strike. Crap like this would be on constantly. We might have to, I don't know, read!

DarrinW said...

You've been mental all your life.... oh wait, you said mentalist... never mind...