Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coming Soon - Audio Day Dream

Just look at li'l Blake Lewis. This dude is dead serious about making awesome music. I could tell that from the first slightly-above-average note he ever sang.

His new album will be called Audio Day Dream and his website is counting the days until it's release. In case you're curious ...18 days. Bam!

Do I hear "early Christmas present?"

You can also sign up for his "official mailing list" just in case you have found yourself on the "unofficial" mailing list. Or, hell ...just keep checking DonniEgo for all the updates you'll need. Better yet, add DonniEgo to whichever RSS feed you use and you'll never miss another one of my posts. Unless you don't check your RSS feeder. But why would you even have one if you didn't check it? Crazy. Crazy like I am for Blake Lewis.

I really do like how they still call them "albums." But I wonder if teens and Millenials know what an "album" is? I'm sure Millenials do not ...darn those good for nothing, spoiled rotten, do-nothing, ingrates. Signed. Angry Not-So-Old Man.


Your wife said...

I hope it's good. You know I love me some Blake 5 baby!

Don said...

Fyi, chick ...I got a Blake Lewis-esque haircut at lunch.

Chicka, wicka, puh, puh, vrrrt, chicka ahhhhh!

That was some beat boxin' for ya.