Monday, November 26, 2007


BLAMING: AT&T. My DSL was working at 7:45pm, last night, and then not working at 7:46pm. I used my technical savvy to try and rectify the situation - turned the computer and modem off, then back on. Nothing worked. So I shut everything down and went to bed, fully expecting elves to enter my house overnight and fix the computer. This worked in the past. I leave the elves little bits of food as thanks, even. It didn't work this time.

BRIEFING: The Amazing Race was just OK. We saw the Blondes use the U-Turn (forces the opponents to go back and do the alternate task of a Detour - which is a choice between one of two tasks. Or is that a Road Block. Gosh, I wish someone would explain it every time it happens, darn it).

Back to the U-Turn (ha!). Why is doling out U-Turns and Time Outs such a taboo? I declare publicly, today, that if ever I'm on The Amazing Race and I'm first to the clue box containing a U-Turn, Timeout, or Hobbling option, I'm taking it. One less team in the race means better odds for me. And since I never plan on attending any Reality Awards shows or on seeing my fellow contestants ever again, I don't care who's feelings I hurt. I want $1-million dollars (why can't I say or type that without putting my pinky to my lip?).

Nice-Guy-with-a-Hat and his Camel-Milking-Challenged girlfriend were sent packing in thanks to the U-Turn.

Alotta people will probably be talking about the dancing-task. They'll talk about it because its the only thing from last night's show worth discussing. Just know, it wasn't much. It wasn't exactly high-wire biking or muddy-crick jumping.

Check back later. Or definitely tomorrow. I'll have the worst Heroes write-up on the web ready for your reading pleasure.

That's pending my DSL connection comes back up.


Myndi said...

I am not a fan of any of these U-turn, Yield, etc. thingys, because people get all self-righteous about them. To me, it was refreshing that Lorena and Jason didn't get that way. In fact, their demeanor throughout the leg, when it seemed they were doomed from the jump, was refreshing.

EJ said...

My only problem with the U-Turns and Yields is when the opposing teams then chalk up any bad luck, even if it's five legs down the way, to bad karma for using the Yield. You know the Blondes aren't going to win, so when they're eliminated, it will be because they U-Turned Lorena and Jason.

And I'm so upset that somebody actually made the "American Idol" comparison on the show, because that was going to be my whole blog entry.

Don said...

Hmmm. Don't know what either of you said that made me think of it, but could "Pen Pals" be a good angle for getting the EJ-Don team onto The Amazing Race. We have blogs, like the same TV shows, are launching a pop-culture website and might be collaborating on a movie together, but we've never met or spoken. We could submit seperate videos and print-outs of emails and tell the producers we plan on meeting for the first time ONLY on the day the race starts. In fact, when everyone's lined up ready to hear Phil say, "go," we could both be in small tents side by side.

Ya know, it probably wouldn't work, but we should submit it. Might be shticky enough, ya think? Well ...I think. And that's all that matters.

EJ said...

That's a way better premise than 'Dating Goths'. It's actually kind of a genius idea. I'm willing to bet they've never received that particular submission.
I also like 'Pen-Pals' because it sounds like we're in 4th grade.

Myndi said...

I love it! And, really, THAT is all that matters!