Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Postin', Pitchin', Poppin' and Lockin'

PREAMBLING: Thank goodness I've been very upfront with the focus of this blog so I don't have to pull any punches.

DISTRACTING: My phone call with a Hollywood producer later today. And my poker game in my basement with a troll, leprechaun, and Santa.

No, really. I have a call with a Hollywood producer. I'm stoked.

BREWING: Reindeer Blend from Starbucks is a superior coffee blend and makes the best home brewed coffee. Trouble is, its expensive. So I'm thinking of getting a good ol' fashioned metal can of Maxwell House. Both the aroma and taste of "the House" (maybe that could catch on and make it SEEM a little more high-brow ...I'm going to call Maxwell House's marketing people ...stat) take me back to 1993 and mornings sitting with my parents and simply enjoying a weekend home from Michigan State University.

I also like the cans. I could store washers, O-rings, and random screws in them.

ANTICIPATING: My always lacking Heroes opinion, a The Bachelor re-cap, and my all-natural hot cocoa recipe.

1 comment:

Myndi said...

I'm telling you..Tim Horton's coffee. Delicious and reasonably priced, not to mention keeps me employed...