Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Don's Heroes and The Bachelor Post

COIFING: When my hair starts to resemble McCarthy's or Estevez's hair from St. Elmo's Fire (which it is today), it means I need a hair cut. I'll get one, soon. Not before I wear a polo under my sport coat and push the sleeves up my forearms. I'll work that look for a day or two.

HEROES: The Black-Man-Who-Passes-Through-Things apparently survived his first gunshot wound. Phew! Lucky guy. I remember being upset with him for not makin-like-a-ghost and letting the bullet pass through him in the first place. I guess he has to be focusing, so this ability would be useless in a high-noon showdown in an old west town. Well ...surely he's learned his lesson and will go ghost-mode from now on- WTF!?!?!?! He just got shot ...again!?!?!?!?! Listen ...what's that old saying? Shoot me once, shame on you. Shoot me twice, shame on me for not making myself ghost-like. If the ability to walk-through-walls was my power and I knew I could avoid being punched, shot, or stabbed using this power, I'd use it. Always! 90% of my life would be spent in pass-thru mode. Just in case I got hit by a car, punched, stabbed, shot ...hell ...I wouldn't even want bee stings or mosquito bites. I'd always be ghosty.

I wish there was an actual word for "being-ghost-like" ...but since nothing is like that in real-life, there's no need. Water is ghost-esque, I guess. Malleable? Intractable?

Aside from a guy I thought was dead showing up alive, but then dying right away ...again (I'm rolling my eyes) ...this episode was absolute perfection. Awesome. Brilliant. Riveting. Maybe all three ...say ...Awvetilliant! "Dude. That episode of Heroes last night was awvetilliant!!!"

I'm reading a book about pitching spec scripts and screenplays. The book advises I write a letter to a show's writer about nothing too specific. Perhaps complimenting the cut of the writer's jib, asking if he might be left handed or not, and does he prefer a spiral bound notebook to a yellow legal pad. The book suggests that writers often find themselves so paralyzed by filling an empty page with dialogue, scenes, and stories they'll oft return a well-crafted letter just to get the writing-juices flowing ...mmmmmmm ...writing juice. A new and willing audience (me, the letter writer), it is assumed, will love said writer's tired cliches, writing crutches, and its been reported that some prominent writers will reel off 4, 5, or even 11 page response letters. For the record, if a wanna-be blog author wrote to me, I'd respond in kind and in lengthy prose. Then, these books suggest, once you've established this rapport, you can ask sheepishly if said writer might consider reading your humble, feeble attempt to write a script for said show. The writers often agree to read said spec script because (A) they were once unknown themselves and probably got discovered in the same way and (B) they'll respect your humility and inquisitive nature.

I say this because if I ever were to write a spec script for Heroes I'm going to figure out who wrote last night's show and send them a heart felt, snarky, clever, humble letter to establish a rapport.

Also, I kinda feel like Mohinder. One minute I trust Ned Ryerson, the next minute I don't. If his only power is that Midas-Touch Turn-Things-Into-Gold power, I would say he's pretty harmless. One minute he seems like the smartest hero guy, and the next minute he's letting Peter and Kensei (whom I guess we now have to call Adam ...though I would prefer to call him Sting-Looking-Guy who Heals Himself) escape.

Is Sting-Looking-Guy still plotting revenge on Hiro? Gosh, I hope not. Sure is a long time to hold a grudge. Is it because he wanted to kill Star-Trek guy's kid (Hiro) that they ended up locking Adam-slash-Kensei-slash-Sting-Lookin'-Guy in the cell? All signs are pointing to Adam (aka Sting-Lookin'-Guy) as the pushee of Star-Trek-Guy from the roof.

Star-Trek woman showed up again and maybe has some powers, too.

Ghost-Guy is now officially dead. Despite my assumption that no one is ever truly dead, I think he's really, really dead. The Lightning-Fingers chick is totally hot ...and tormented. I like all of Skitzo's side personalities more than I like her responsible-Mom-and-Wife personality. And next week's Heroes looks better than this weeks. Isn't that always the way?

The best :45seconds of any show are the last :45seconds where they preview the next week. So, if I created a show which was simply a preview of the next week's show, it would be the best show ever.

I'd be a hero. A hero who's power is the ability to leave you wanting. Please next Monday, hurry don't be late.

EDITING: I just thought of this and wanted to be first to say it ...Claire (Cheerleader) is Sting-Lookin'-Guy's (Kensei/Adam's) daughter or grand-daughter. Mark my words. Or she's a toe he lopped off and that toe grew into a teenage girl. Something like that. Totally. I'm brilliant!!!


Myndi said...

Claire is a toe--hey, maybe she's that whole giant foot statue from Lost!

I kid, I'm a kidder. But, yeah, I think they must be related. This show is very incestuous.

EJ said...

I think it's pretty clearly established that Clare is Nathan's biological daughter. Still can't rule out some Sark ancestry, though. As far as we know, Matt is the only Hero-spawn with powers similar to the parent. Micah's powers don't match Niki's or DL's, for example.

And the word is 'intangible'. Which I only know because of X-Men. Though 'intractable' is way funnier.