Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rambling Man

SHARPENING: A pencil. A good ol' fashioned, #2 pencil. My co-worker, when asked what office supplies we need, told our assistant he wanted pencils and a sharpener. I asked for the same. They arrived on Monday and I've seen a real lift in morale. I have it tucked behind my ear and my dress-shirt sleeves are rolled up to the mid-forearm and it's awesome.

ANTICIPATING: The return of Lost. If American Idol ain't yer thing and you ain't readin' my famous spunkybean recaps, well, be sure to read EJ's Lost intro (posted today). Read it. Review it. Quiz your spouse. Forward the article to friends and family far and wide. Do it. Not because you love me, but because you love Lost.

ANTICIPATING, PART II: spunkybean-dot-com ...THE WEBSITE. A real, live, grown-up website. Wait 'til you see it. You'll think I'm big timey and all. You'll envy me. You will ...admit it. Wait 'til you see it. Just wait. To you, it'll look like a hundred other websites you already enjoy me'll look like the child I never had. Yes. I was intent on naming my next child "spunkybean."

BRAGGING: I have a new nephew 12th nephew to go against 8 nieces. It's awesome. He's awesome. I'm happy for my bro and sis-in-law. His name is Spencer. Cool name, huh?

BEGGING: Stick with me and my American Idol write-ups. These early episodes ...well ...nothing's going on. My superior musical knowledge, opinions, and shtick will really shine in about two weeks. Shine like Paula's greasy, hangover skin, it will.

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