Monday, January 14, 2008

Lazy, Again

RELAYING: Sometimes things are too good to pass up. I like overhearing conversations, and this conversation courtesy of my brother is top-notch. My bro is a manager at a grocery store. He has a security guard and, as best I can tell, this security guard is like a real-life Janitor from Scrubs. I also gather he says "ya know" quite a bit.

Because my brother doesn't have a blog and because many people who read DonniEgo know my brother, and because this is a good bit of dialog, I'm taking it and publishing it. I apologize to my brother if he's been keeping solid notes of all his run-ins with crazy people and was going to write a book from said quotes. At least I could claim this was some good marketing, right?
The DonniEgo Community Theatre Players
The Crazy Conversation:

G= The Security Guard B = My Brother
G: Hey (brother's name), . I was wondering what kind of person would buy this book. . This guy, well dressed you know, oriental was looking at this book.
B: Oh.
G: He was, ya know, dressed well with one of those rings on from a college. He was looking through this book, ya know, like this. Ya know, when the person is intellectual, ya know how they turn the pages .
B: Yeah.
G: Yeah, I didn't want him to know I was watching him but, ya know, his hands were clean, not a working mans hands. I saw him looking at the ingredients on all the boxes, he was probably trying to keep on a diet. Probably a doctor, ya know ... ya know, thought the diet was in the genes? Ya know he was dressed real nice with a coat on and tie you think he might have been a doctor?
B: Maybe.
G: Yeah, ya know they say everything is in the genes ... your height, weight, cancer and even heart disease.
B: That's what they say.
G: Yeah. I was watching him read the book and now the book is still here, so I guess he didn't buy the book. Interesting to see what kind of people read these books, ya know, it's $30, but ya know he was well dressed and Oriental ... probably works in a hospital or something.
B: Yeah .
G: Ya know he had his hands well manicured and well dressed with his ring on probably from a college.
B: I don't know .
My brother hates this man but he tells me this is typical of many conversations he's had and the many more he anticipates having with Security Guard. With any luck, this can turn into some sorta DonniEgo serial.

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