Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's American Idol Day

s p u n k y b e a n .c o m New!

Nothing new from me, today, here. Instead, I direct your attention to the fabulously spunky Same drill as last week, folks, and a million beany thanks to all of you who (a) read my articles last week, (b) commented on them, or (c) just clicked on them to humor me. I'll take it.

For those new to this shamelessness on my behalf, I landed a writing gig at a new pop-culture web-site called My assignment is writing about American Idol.

My third installment is here for your reading pleasure. Grab a cup of coffee (1/3rd caf, 2/3rd decaf in my case), put your phone on forward, read it, then walk around the office telling people about it. Or, as always, 'click' through so it looks like I generated alotta traffic. And then do it again, tomorrow.

Yours Idolly,
Don's Ego

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