Thursday, January 24, 2008

American Idol, Chuck x2, and Celebrity Apprentice

REPEATING: Myself. You know the drill ...'click' on over to s p u n k y b e a n .c o m New

read my review of last night's South Carolina auditions, laugh (or smile wryly), forward to your friends, call your Aunt, and do ten push-ups.

For those new to this shamelessness on my behalf, I landed a writing gig at a new pop-culture web-site called My assignment is writing about American Idol.

My fourth installment is here for your reading pleasure - it's better than yesterday, I promise. Last night we saw a virgin (big surprise), two fat siblings, and Paula looking darn good in her 4-inch open toe pumps. Kapow!

REMINDING: Chuck is on twice, tonight. Is it a good move for NBC to burn their last two new episodes of Chuck, tonight, with a Celebrity Apprentice (read Nickel Guy's incredibly funny reviews at spunkybean ...Ep 1, Ep 2, Ep 3) sandwiched in the middle? It must really suck to work at NBC and, when asked to boost Thursday night's line-up, all you can come up with is nerd-humor and Donald Trump. How long until the networks start looking like USA and TBS and just run Seinfeld for two hours straight each night?

Where was I? Oh, yes. Watch Chuck.


Darrin Wassom said...

You know Apprentice jumped the shark when it needs Chuck bookends to sustain it. Pull the plug already - Trump is done.

I have a theory about Chuck. Well, two theories - either NBC is confident they will have their writers back soon or they are going to cut Chuck off at the knees. Two brand new episodes and hardly any advertising. Sad.

Darrin Wassom said...

Oops - forgot to add that it was cool hearing Yvonne Strahovski speaking in her native accent on the commercials. She hails from the land down under but there is no denying her Polish background! She speaks fluent polish just like my Grandpa did! I wonder if she eats kielbasa daily?!?

EJ said...

I actually think Chuck is pretty safe. If I recall, NBC picked up a full season order before everything collapsed. I'm not sure what the logic was on the Thursday airings, but I'm pretty sure that once all is said and done, Chuck will be secure.

I sort of feel like these two episodes were burners, though. I think they were completed earlier in the production order. No reference to the new Intersect and Casey's impending orders to kill Chuck, no Anna in either episode... One of them even had a reference that made me think it was before the Bryce Larkin story. I suspect these were shuffled off to make sure the Christmas episode aired at Christmas. Just a theory.