Monday, January 07, 2008

Nothing Much to Say

AMAZING RACE: So much to say, so little time. Each week it seems I'm involved in a bit of an angry blog-off with the Queen and Nickel Guy. They'll have to beat me to the punch this week. I said I was bored and I got cab-driving in a foreign country, robot-fighting, and flower-smelling. Does that sound boring? The cab-driving was pretty good, but it still didn't send anyone over the edge of sanity's cliff. No one cried. No one threatened to quit. Bad Dad is trying to be a better father and person. TK continues to smuggle pot onto airlines and into and out of foreign countries - because I've never seen anyone remain to calm in all situations. Fun, fun, fun. Happy, happy, happy.

Though, looks like next week there is some snipping and snapping. And I think they have to wrestle with live tigers.

I wish.

RETURNING: American Idol is back in 8 days!!! Have I mentioned I'm writing for spunkybean? Well, then let me also mention my very own American Idol Preview will debut tomorrow morning. Don't worry ...I'll remind you.

ALSO RETURNING: Jericho (CBS) ...February 12th ...10pm. I like the Tuesday time slot. Doesn't interfere with my other Tivo commitments - assuming the writer's strike will be done, otherwise the 4-hours of Idol each Tuesday will be an issue.

REPLACING: The battery in my wife's athletic heart monitor. I mention this because I'm proud of her starting a boot camp (and scared for her at the same time). I also mention this because I got the batteries replaced at House of Watch Bands. Everyone working there was a caricature, and there was a dog wearing a diaper - the other two dogs were not wearing diapers. Yes. There were three dogs in this store. And ...2 parrots. And ...a giant fish tank.

ALSO REPLACING: My coffee bean grinder. And my coffee maker filters. I fully expect to be enjoying one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had 'round about 8pm tonight. All is good, now, but this morning was a rough start because I ended up having to grind my own beans using a knife and cutting board. I did not get the beans quite fine enough and the coffee was weak ...WEAK!!! (like this blog entry)

SPORTING: Sports shouldn't effect my mood, right? But it does. MSU struggled in their hoops win against Minnesota this weekend and I hear Nietzel's wrist is hurting. That'll mean very little to most reading this, but it sucks. Further, the Pistons looked pretty hapless against the Celts. At home, no less. Granted, we'd won 11-in-a-row (yes, I say "we" like I'm a member of the Pistons) and we did play the night before, but still. I was really hoping for a win so national headlines would be less about the Celtics and Boston and Boston and Boston. People hate Detroit and we're the butt of many jokes, but the nation should be rooting for us because we have a legit shot at keeping the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics from all winning championships in the same year.

You don't wanna see Ben Afleck's mug at all these events and either do I. You better pick a side, America.

SEEKING: Have I mentioned spunkybean? Oh ...right. Yes ...well ...we're looking for a sports authority. Sports is pop-culture and we could use someone for a weekly column. Do you know an out-of-work or would-be writer who is also sports buffs? Leave a comment here or email me.

: Something. Darn it. I had something really funny or insightful I thought of while sitting at a red light. So much for timing.


Myndi said...

I just checked the time stamps...I beat you by about eight minutes this week!

I agree about TK (and it think it's totally awesome). How can anyone be so freakin' Zen?

Also, they have these great things called drive-thrus. No one should have to grind coffee in such a manner...this is America!

Don said...

I don't make Myn-money so I can't be payin' for drive-thru coffees morning, noon, and night.

I brew my own at home. I drink half-a-pot in the morning and a big, brimming mug of java after dinner. My wife calls me a "grandpa" ...but I luvs me some coffee.

Myndi said...

Yeah, that's me. Rollin' in the dough.