Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hey, Don! Where've Ya Been?

Great question. Sick, busy, writing, and other stuff. I had the worst cold I've had in half-a-decade last week, I met with a producer to talk about my TV show (a good meeting, btw), I've been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking competition at work, and probably a half-dozen other excuses, too.

Today, however, begins Lent, and my Lenten promise will be to write in my blog every ding dang day. Even if just to tell the world that I forgot to shave or watched a funny video on YouTube, you'll have something to read.

Thanks to all who do read my stuff here, and also who've made the jump to the 'bean.

POLITICKING: I heard Denise Kucinich on the radio this morning. What a solid, solid dude. This interview, coupled with his numerous appearances on The Colbert Report and his seemingly genuine love of this country makes me a fan. Big fan.

ANTICIPATING: This week's Lost. If American Idol ain't yer thing and you ain't readin' my famous spunkybean recaps, well, be sure to read EJ's Lost recaps (posted Fridays). Read them. Love them. Quiz your spouse. Forward the article to friends and family far and wide. Do it. Not because you love me, but because you love Lost. This week on Lost a new set of "others" arrives on the island. So, there's "others" and "other others" and I'll bet we'll meet some other others, too.

ANTICIPATING, PART II: spunkybean-dot-com ...THE WEBSITE. A real, live, grown-up website. You've got to see it. You'll think I'm big timey and all. You'll envy me. You will ...admit it. Wait 'til you see it. Just wait. To you, it'll look like a hundred other websites you already enjoy me'll look like the child I never had. Yes. I was intent on naming my next child "spunkybean."

BRAGGING: I have a new nephew 12th nephew to go against 8 nieces. It's awesome. He's awesome. I'm happy for my bro and sis-in-law. His name is Spencer. Cool name, huh?

BEGGING: You to stick with me and my American Idol write-ups. These early episodes ...well ...nothing's going on. My superior musical knowledge, opinions, and shtick will really shine in about two weeks. Shine like Paula's greasy, hangover skin, it will.

REOORGANIZING: My Netflix queue. The Beastie Boys recently shot a documentary called Awesome: I F**in' Shot That. For all I know this came out years ago, but because I'm just hearing about it now, I'm calling it "new" and can't wait to watch-hate Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and get my Beastie fix.

RUMINATING: I'm going from one nationwide competition to pick one winner, to another - American politics. My new feature on spunkybean will be called Survivor: Washington, D.C., and it will track the craziness that is politicking, punditry, and drama that, I believe, is our original reality show. Again, my first article hit the web yesterday and I'll be back each Tuesday to act apathetic, disinterested, and annoyed by the whole process. Please to enjoy. Between you and me, I really want it to be clever and land me a gig at The Daily Show. Free spunkybean t-shirt for the first person who can prove which way I lean politically and can prove it by something I've written.

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