Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hard to Stomach Being Back at Work

A friend sent me an article about the upcoming election. I didn't read it. I just can't stomach political talk, yet.

I think more people should use the word "stomach" instead of "eat," "dine," or "handle." But mostly as a synonym for eating.
"Where will you be stomaching, tonight?"

"I'm starving! I really need to get something to stomach."

"Gosh! That was the best lasagna I've ever stomached."

"I'll have to move a few things on my schedule, but I could stomach a meeting on the 12th."
There! THAT's a New Year's resolution I can stomach. I resolve to use the word "stomach" more often. More resolutions to follow.

Also to follow ...20-ideas for blog entries I never used in '07.


DarrinW said...

I like to call it a "stummy".... a cross between a stomach and a tummy. Get it?? Can you stummy that??

Don said...

If "stomach" catches on, I think that'll happen over time. Like "ninety" is usually said as "niney" or "totally" has become "tohlly". Someday "stomach" will just sound like "stummy."