Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OK. This is it! Time to Put Up or Shut Up!

REITERATING: As I've said before ...the good thing about a blog is that you have a record of your goals and objectives. The bad thing about a blog is that you have a public record of your failures.

I've been talking about the scripts I'm writing. I even, actually, started writing them. And then I see this article:
This Guy + Your Script = ???
Well, there you go. Somewhere in New York City there's a guy, sipping red wine, smoking a cigarette and choking back disgust at the endless, uncreative piles of scripts he's being handed. Actually, he's bought 14, it seems. So they're not all hapless.
"Most writers don't want to be famous. Most of them don't dream of being rich. What they really dream about is telling their story. They put their heart on the page every day, and they want that story told."
Mr. Meistrich is sitting there, waiting for me. He'll give me a knowing smile as I stumble up to his booth and spill my pages all over the floor and scramble to rearrange them. He'll say something like, "Don't worry, bro. Just tell me your movie idea."

And that's how the greatest movie you've ever seen will find its humble beginnings.

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