Friday, April 11, 2008

Returning from Vacation

LAUDING: Watch last night’s The Office. Watch all sorts of stuff. Full episodes in HD. The only thing lacking over YouTube is overall quantity of content.

SAVING: Money. I scored a HUGE savings (almost 55% off the original price + free shipping) on a J. Crew Long Snorkel Goosedown Puffer Jacket and, though I won’t be wearing it until next winter, I’ve now got a reason to look forward to fall, football games, and even winter itself. Not only am I deftly clever and creative, I’m also fashionable.

TRIMMING: My hair. I’m gonna get a hair cut this weekend and will ask for the Ryan Seacrest faux-hawk look …worry not fans-of-Don’s-hair …its just an experiment. Just trying it on for the spring season.

TALKING: About I know …its probably tiresome to most of you. But I have to tell ya, I’m really getting quite a bit of buzz around my Idol write-ups and if you like those, well, don’t miss my riveting investigative report on monkeys ruling our world and my upcoming article on the subject of the ultimate summer mix tape.

EXPLAINING: Where I’ve been. I’ve been in Vegas …and writing other stuff. I know that some of you (meaning, me) probably check this blog all the time and you’ve no doubt been missing my coif updates, random thoughts and observations, and life lessons – well …I can help with one of those, soon, hopefully. My TV-reality show concept re-write has proved to be a daunting, daunting task. But I’m hard at work. I have the names and numbers of people at Ryan Seacrest Productions, of Dave Broom (creator of Biggest Loser), and an old friend at MTV and now all I have to do is finish the written pilot, cross every T and dot every I, and then propose to these people as well as potential investors who will help me fund my pilot and then get this all on the air. Phew. This WILL happen, however. Mark my words. Well …the pitch will happen, emails will be sent, and phone calls will be made. The ‘getting people to buy it and produce it part’ …well, even a guy as smart as me can’t predict stuff like that.

LAUGHING: At a fictional-but-possible future encounter and participation on The Amazing Race with my random blogosphere friend, EJ, from A Nickel for the Swear Jar. Our premise is that, though we’ve exchanged countless emails and currently write for spunkybean, together, we’ve never met nor spoken and we intend to propose our duo to CBS as ‘Pen Pals” and insist we cannot meet until Phil says ‘go’ on that first episode. My vision includes us both being led to the starting line in blind folds and then readying in old-timey beach changing tents until we start the race. EJ’s vision includes this exchange he wrote down in this blog entry.

REALIZING: We really need to submit audition tapes for the fun of it, I think.

I’m sure there’s more, but this is just what popped into my head on this 70-degree Friday afternoon. Simply beautiful. Have a great weekend.

REMEMBERING: One more thing. Please don't read this or listen to this if you are a relative of mine ...otherwise, enjoy the hilarity of Porn for the Blind shared with me by spunkybean and DonniEgo reader D.W. (not sure if he wants his entire name nor his small business and his blogs attached to this reference). Last night, at 1 a.m., I was sitting in front of my computer laughing hysterically - like a mad scientist but without a lab or experiments going on ...there was lightning outside, for the record. Just too funny.

Click and listen (NSFW):
http://www.pornfort audio/httpwwwmil fhuntercom. mp3

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Myndi said...

I love the picture of the old-timey changing tent. That's great. I can't think of anything more awesome than you two getting on that show. Unless all three of us could go. But then I remember that the Family edition was stupid and I'm back to the two of you.