Monday, April 28, 2008

Feelin' the Pinch

Happy, Monday, blog readers. So many things I could comment on ...Miley Cyrus's ill advised topless photo shoot, the NFL draft, my Red Wings, Pistons, or some general philosophical life-lessons or whatever. The events of last week have left me completely uninspired to write anything. But, I'll try...

RECOMMITTING: To Project Washboard (the mission I'm on to achieve washboard abs in time for my August vacation). I'm the type of guy who likes to affix 'blame'. I blame my parents for my being short, I blame high-fructose corn syrup for society's (and my) obesity, and I blame monkeys for everything else. Well, 10-days worth of birthday cake coupled with comfort-eating to mourn the death of a friend have seriously affected my efforts. I could easily blame the 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for delaying my progress another week, but I'm committed to working through the cookies and still exercising and eating right (when not gorging on Girl Scout cookies, that is). Today my efforts begin, anew, with a new reason.

SOUTH BEACH DIETING: I just booked tickets for two nights in Miami for June 27-29 to see my buddy Nick. I refuse to be the fat, pale dude from the Midwest when I'm down there. I have exactly 61 days until Miami if you see a high-carb, non-nutritious food item in my hand, smack it to the ground. Unless its a Girl Scout cookie ...then just make sure I'm consuming them in moderation.

A two-hour Dancing With the Stars is on tonight, as is Greek and The Bachelor: London Calling. That's what the 'cool kids' will be watching.

Whaddya say we call it a day? I'm with ya. Peace out.

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