Saturday, March 29, 2008

Look at these Idiots

My Michigan State Spartans were DESTROYED by Memphis in the Sweet 16 on Friday. Look at their future staring on from the bench.

I couldn't be more disappointed.

In other news, I watched The TV Set starring David Duchovny and Sigourney Weaver, and this movie was very good for a guy like me hoping to pitch a TV show (and get it picked up). I'm also watching The End of Suburbia because someone recommended it to me when I claimed that I secretly hope we run out of oil sooner than later because I'm fascinated to see how our country adapts. I anticipate we'll invent a new energy source (or actually start using one that already exists), but this movie argues the 'American Dream' will die and our culture will change forever. Make no mistake - will WILL run out of oil and things WILL change. I'm simply fascinated to see how it all changes and I hope we don't whither and perish ...or cry and/or eat each other.

Here's the trailer ... hooray for abundance!

It really is as good as it looks. Gosh, this is depressing.


end of suburbia said...

thanks for checking out our doc, The END of SUBURBIA. we have just released the second film in the trilogy, ESCAPE From SUBURBIA. you can see our promo clips and (here is the shameless pitch) buy our dvd at

cheers, and here's to abundance~

gregory greene

Don said...

How cool! The filmaker left a comment. Like a 'thank you' note for my patronage.

Greg- I've 'saved' this new title on my NetFlix gueue. Wondering, would you like to be interviewed for my site, I would welcome a chance to speak with you or simply have you respond to some questions and I'll write an article about your two films. Hope to hear from you.

Darrin Wassom said...

Ahem, if you ever made time for the Traverse City Film Festival then you could have watched the TV Show screening with none other than Jake Kasdan himself. You might recall his work from Freaks and Geeks? He screened the film and then spent a good 45 minutes or so answering questions about not only the film but the "biz" in general. Fascinating stuff. This year, Don!!

Don said...

Well, I'd be depressed if I actually had a TV-show pitch/concept at that point. BUT ...I'll carve out some time on my vacation this year. Maybe I'll even have my movie script completed.