Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Am I Doing?!?!?!?

PROCRASTINATING: I found a great way to avoid work, relationships, and my hobbies ...Facebook. I feel compelled to look at all my 'friends' pages and then steal cool apps they have and then make them work on my Facebook page, and then rearrange things, and edit things ...for no reason. I got up at 5:30a this morning with the full intention of 'writing' and ...well ...its now 6:22am and I'm just crackin' my notebook and will attempt to write something. But not before I take time with my #2 time-waster ...blogger.

LISTENING: To The Beatles via my Facebook My Music application. It's cool. I guess it scours YouTube and I'm on my third, random Beatles track. Oh ...and now I'm listening to "Welcome to the Black Parade" from My Chemical Romance ...its so easy. Right there in my other browser window. Like magic.

: Project Washboard. Day 2. I ran-slash-walked 2-miles last night. I only wish I could've had Facebook jogging there along with me. Imagine how much more fulfilling a jog would be if I was socially networking whilst doing such. My legs are sore. My calorie intake was less than 1500 (I think ...I'm guessing), and I feel full of energy (though I miss being full of cookies). It's been 24 hours since I announced to the world (yes, the world reads this blog) Project Washboard and, as of yet, my mid-section shows no signs of wash-board-esque rigidity. Fear not ...I will prevail.

: Men's Health. I had a subscription to this magazine for years and years. Saved every issue. Then I realized every issue was pretty much the same ..."get rock hard abs" ..."lose 10 pounds this week" ..."get faster and better looking" ...same stories every week. So I boxed them all up and cataloged them and forgot about them. As part of Project Washboard, I'm going to open up the boxes and, monthly, start picking a random back issue and take the work-0ut and diet advice from it. Given my limited cognitive skills, I don't think I'll remember ever having read them and the advice will seem brilliant and new. This endeavor would not work with Time magazine, I assure you.

EXPERIMENTING: With coffee. I'm a few short minutes from my wife bringing me coffee back from Caribou (don't worry ...she was up and at boot camp at 5:30 ...I haven't made her my gopher or 'runner' ...yet). They've introduced a line of orange zest drinks (aptly titled Orange Infusion) and I've always been fond of the chocolate-orange flavor combo (don't judge me ...try it before you knock it) and an Orange Zest Mocha is on their menu ... it should arrive shortly. I'll report back. Worry not.

UPDATING 2: Facebook is playing Panic At the Disco ...sahweet.


Myndi said...

OK, I did not know about my music. If you need me, I'll be on your facebook page, stealing it...

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