Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I'm Not Doing

Ya ever have one of those days where you lay in bed right after your alarm clock goes off and you get a little sick feeling in your stomach thinking about all the things you have on your to-do list? And you wonder how the heck you ever got to sleep the night before, and then you remember, "oh, yes ...black-out drunk."

Before I list the things I'm 'not-doing', let me tell you about one thing I actually did.

WRITING: With a spunkybean writer on vacation, I stepped up and recapped last night's Dancing With the Stars. I watched only my second episode of this show, ever, and I still don't understand why and how everyone is so into this show. And people actually go see this show LIVE when it tours. But if you like the show, and you like me (hence, you are reading DonniEgo), maybe you'll like my take on the show.

PROCRASTINATING: Everything ...or so it seems. Need to plant those three trees in the ground, need to plant my herb garden, organize the garage, iron clothes, fix a hole in the wall, develop some new business at work, re-write my reality show pitch, write my movie script idea, need to send $80 to someone I owe money, I need to do a better job of marketing spunkybean, need to call the sprinkler people, fertilize my lawn, call my electrician, fix the sewer gas smell in a cabinet by my kitchen sink, power wash my kid's swingset, build shelves in the garage, renew my MSU football tickets in time, order concert tickets, book a hotel room for a wedding coming up, clean out the gutters, clean the windows, take my car into the dealership to check the 'service engine soon' warning, read the books I'm intending to read, and ...ouch ...my chest. Hurts. Need ...to ...simplify.

That certainly wasn't therapeutic. In fact, it was more masochistic. They say it's good to have 'lists', which is true, unless that list makes you feel like a failure.

At least I can say I'm never bored.

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your wife said...

Geesh...slow down buddy. You forgot to add all the things on your "list" in the cupboard!!! love U