Thursday, April 17, 2008

Global Warming...

Well, maybe not 'global', but certainly my neighborhood, and it couldn't be more awesome. I take that back. It could be raining money from the sky, and that would beat any temperature.

SABOTAGING: Project Washboard. The introduction of the Orange Zest Mocha into my consciousness could pose a serious threat to Project Washboard. As could my 5-year-old's birthday which will bring cake and ice cream into the household. Say a prayer for me.

UPCOMING: Concerts. Kids in the Hall come to Detroit on May 30th, and I'll be there. Panic at the Disco comes to town on the 20th of May. I'll be there, too. Care to join me. Email me.

FACEBOOKING: I wonder if I can add a concert calendar to my Facebook page so everyone can know all the cool concerts I'm attending?

JUMPING: For joy. Weezer's new CD is coming out 6/17 (tentatively) can hear :30seconds of the first track, "Pork and Beans" here, and you can also sign-up to get a reminder to download the song when it becomes available in-full on April 22nd. Or just check back here ...I'll remind you.

APPLYING: Shhh. Don't tell myfellow spunkybean writers, but I submitted writing samples to The Onion for a writing gig. Considering my only writing credentials come from my blog and my own personal web site, and my experience is limited mostly to 6 months, they may be having a good laugh over there at an old man like myself trying to write for a 'kids' site - but old age has made me unaware of children's laughter, so ignorance truly is bliss.

SHOPPING: For me. My wife sent me a coupon from Express that says save $10 off a $20 purchase so I'm going to buy a fly dress shirt. I could also save $20 off $75+ purchases maybe I'll go crazy. And then I'll shoplift another $100 worth of product. I just love the thrill. I also look wicked awesome in their 1MX shirts - and imagine how awesome I'll look when Project Washboard is complete!

Look for me looking stylish somewhere near you, soon.

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