Monday, September 29, 2008

I Just Might Have a Few More Readers

MARKETING: Myself. I've mentioned my marketing approach for Donniego, spunkybean, and for my writing, right? First, I don't tell anyone. Second, I hope it comes up in conversation in front of someone who doesn't know I have a blog (or two). Third, I act sheepish and modest. Fourth, I tell them my blog is all about myself and completely self-bloviating. Fifth, I tell 'em I'll email them next time I send out one of my annoying email-the-world, look-at-me emails. Sixth, I email them along with a couple hundred or so people. Seventh, I hope they are not so turned off by my arrogant tone that they bookmark me and check back from time to time.

If Coca Cola had used my tried and true marketing method, they'd have exactly 815 Coke drinkers to their credit.

I hope someone caught my numerical reference ...high five!

BRISTLING: At our government. I've come to accept the petty bickering that plagues modern day politics. But now, in this dire economical moment, Congress needs to stop its bickering and get something-the-hell done. As I understand it, our politicians are 'acting worried' about our economy, but what they really care about is getting back to their home towns and states to campaign. And when the Bailout Bill was offered up to vote, many of them voted only on what would secure them the most votes back at home, ignoring what might work or not work. Congress is a buncha cowards. And guess what else? While you and I toil away, some of us with second jobs, and as we turn off lights, cut expenses, and cling to every extra penny we can ...Congress? Exhausted from late night sesssions ...took a vacation, today!?!?!?!?!?!

And, what's worse, I don't ever think I'm getting a straight story. Today I'll be listening to NPR (liberal hippies), Limbaugh and Hannity (pompous blowhards), Air America (namby pamby whiners), and read some Newsweek and Drudgereport to make my own sense of this all. Why? Well ...check out these headlines. "House Republicans Blame Pelosi's Speech" for the Bill's failure. Seems pretty cut and dri- ...oh, wait. Someone else is blaming someone. It was the Republicans, I guess. No, wait. It was ALL OF THEM. Here's the only quote you need ...and remember ...these Washington folks are not on your side, or my side ...they are on their side.
Most of us say, 'I want this thing to pass, but I want you to vote for it - not me.' -Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis
BORING: The last two paragraphs. Sorry about that.

ANTICIPATING: The inaugural viewing of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. My son turned four. This movie came out in 1977, when I was four. So, I think it's time. It was difficult deciding which version of this movie to actually get for this Friday's movie night - there's the "Original Theatrical Version", a re-release Lucasfilms Enhanced version, and another one recreated completely from Legos. You have no idea how difficult it was to not go with the Lego version. Welp ...because I have so much money invested in a big LCD TV and overpriced speakers and stereo equipment, I'm going with the recently remastered Enhanced version.

I'd like to also point out, this was not my idea. George Lucas and his Star Wars franchise continue to market themselves, and when my 4-yr-old is watching Boomerang, Noggin', Nickelodeon, and even Disney Channel, he's bombarded with Star Wars ads schlepping toys, movies, and new animated cartoon series. Yes, my 4-yr-old has been asking for months about seeing this movie, and is especially curious because his cousins have all the toys. As I mentioned, I was four when the original was released, so I think he's ready (I'll just fast forward past the scene featuring charred remains of Uncle Owen).

PONDERING: What next? Do I make him wait the full three years, as I had to wait, before showing him Empire Strikes Back? Then another 3 years before seeing Return of the Jedi. One thing I'm sure of, though ...I'm going to make him wait 20 years before seeing Episodes 1 thru 3 so that he's equally disappointed in them as I was when he finally gets to watch 'em.

I don't want better for my children.

That is all. Big things a'brewin' on the home movie front. And although I mostly use TV as a 'babysitter', I really want movie nights and major movie events like this to be special. Friday we'll watch Star Wars. Saturday, I'll be light saber fighting like its 1978 all over, again.

Hard to believe this trailer started it all.

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