Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Public Service Announcements

PLEDGING: Scratched DVDs and CDs. Ya know what I hate? Racism. But a close second is receiving a DVD from Netflix that's scratched and won't play. I've heard for years to smear your own saliva, or skin- oil from your nose/face, onto the surface of a scratched CD, and then it would play. That works 50-percent of the time ...and I bet you're happy to know I've slobbered on a DVD you might have rented . Sorry 'bout that. No ...but from now on, I have the solution. I read that you should spray the scratched DVD with Pledge, and then wipe it with a soft cloth from the inside of the disc towards the outside. So far, it has worked for me 100% of the time. Now ...if I could just read about a remedy for racism, I'd really be getting somewhere.

WRITING: My Amazing Race recap. Whatever. I know it's been 3 days since the premier and many of you are emailing me wondering where it is. Later today. Or for sure, tomorrow. I was very, very tired and had no 'angle' ...but now I do. And it's writing itself. Sit tight. spunkybean will be overflowing with my written work in short order.

READING: Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Because my favorite TV show, Mad Men, references it quite a bit. I'm hoping, by reading this 1,100 page "novel", that I'll become an intellectual. I hope that I'll be able to reference lessons-learned from Atlas Shrugged in everyday situations. "Goddammit, man! Didn't you see me changing lanes?!?!?!!?" which I'll reply something about 'objectivism' and 'empowerment' and defuse a tense situation. One thing is for sure, there's no way in hell I'm reading an 1,100 page book and not figuring out ways (outside of my blog) to reference my awesomeness. I'll join a book club if I have to. Or I'll crash someone else's. I never do anything for my own personal satisfaction. So far ...10 pages in, there's a guy who works for the railroad company. Ayn Rand is very descriptive of scenery, settings, and people (aka "page filler"). This train-working-guy seems prone to daydreams. Check back daily for a similar book report, I guess. At this pace, I'll finish this book in just under 4 months.

SLEEPING: Because it's important. Last night, also thanks to Ayn Rand, I easily fell asleep by 9:45 and got nearly 8 hours of sleep. I feel fantastic. I think I'll cure something Cancer ...or boredom. Hey ...something shiny. Boredom ...cured.

CUTTING: My hair. Today. I have a 4:00 p.m. sitting with my stylist. This is nearly two weeks overdue, so I'm stoked. They serve coffee. I talk politics with my stylist. My hair thanks me for quality care and salon-quality conditioners. All this swim-training and the requisite chlorine found in the pools has taken its toll. My poor hair. It really deserves this. Shhh. I haven't told my hair what's in store for it, today ...I want it to be a surprise. So excited.

So long, for now.

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EJ said...

Hee. Enjoy the overly descriptive parts. You'll miss them when you hit the 80 page stretch where one of the characters describes their philosophical outlook. You will want to dig up Ayn Rand's remains so you can kick them.