Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cool Stuff

CALLING: A spade a spade, they say. I don't know why they say it. Personally, I call a spade a shovel. Hmmm. Spade? Shovel? Two different names for the same thing. Like radio stations. Specifically, two radio stations in Washington D.C. For the moment, WTNT will be known as "McCain 570", and will feature right-wing talking heads. Sister station, WWRC, will be called "Obama 1260", and likewise will feature left-wing, pro-Obama pundits. I agree with the new Program Director ...don't hide behind a "fair and balanced" slogan ...call a Republican spade a Republican spade. And call a Democratic shovel a Democratic shovel.

I wonder if there's any room for a Libertarian hoe and Ron Paul. I'm sure if they had a third radio station, they'd totally give 'em a host of shows. I'm sure of it.

BALANCING: Both sides of the argument. Nowadays, you can form your opinion and then stick entirely with whatever news source you prefer that does nothing but reinforce your opinion. I encourage all of you to listen to both sides and refuse to let the media - be it the 'right' or the 'left' - to tell you which issues are important to you and which of them should sway your vote. With banks failing, soldiers dying, jobs disappearing, police forces shrinking, goverment integrity disappearing, homes foreclosing, and our reputation and our dollar-value falling world wide, don't let anyone frame the debate as being all about gay marriage, sexism, or choice v. life, drilling for oil, or a definition of 'qualified' or 'ready'. Turn over the money counting tables in the Temple. Listen. Talk. Hear. Educate yourself. Then vote. And then, whoever we vote for, we must hold them to each and every one of the promises they made while campaigning.

My head hurts from being 'serious.' Sorry about that.

BLOGGING: Not just here ...but at spunkybean. Well, there, I'm more of a 'columnist' and I'm especially proud of my recently posted recap of Mad Men ...the coolest, smartest show on television.

REMINDING: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia begins its new season in two days. Thursday ...September 18th ...10pm. Guess what I'll be doing when I get home from bowling? Oh, yes ...laughing. And yoga.

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