Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Just Realized How Long and Boring Summertime is

TV is back! Football is on. New TV shows premier. Old favorites return. And my blog, in turn, should get better.

Some things are perfectly fine and good over at spunkybean Mad Men. While other things are fairly simple and don't need in-depth analysis Greek ...or The Backyardigans.

DARLING: My daughter. Today was her fourth day of Kindergarten, and she's still cute as the dickens. I'd post a picture, but ...well know how that goes? Posting a picture of a five-year-old in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform isn't responsible. I predict the words themselves will land me some increased traffic from pervs out surfing the web, actually. No such thing as bad press, they say. Anyway ...she's still adorable and seeing her growing up before my eyes is awesome.

LOVING: Greek. I mentioned it above, but this little bit of televised cotton-candy never fails to amuse me. Casey, the main character is unlucky in love. Cappy is her true love. Rusty is a socially inept nerd trying to function in the highly social-slash-superficial fraternity-sorority world, while maintaining his high intellectual standards. Then there's a buncha supporting characters and back-stories that color Greek up like a real college campus. Friendships are pitted against romances, sexual orientation is contrasted with devout Christianity, and much, much more. Unlike many shows of Greek's ilk, it doesn't try too hard and it doesn't lose focus of the fun aspect of college. I've said it before, but it seems as if the shows writers actually went to college and were in the Greek system, where as similar shows only write the stereotypes.

This brief review probably hasn't sold you, but watch it, and you'll be hooked.

: This blog ...and possibly spunkybean. I have a horse in this Presidential race, sure, but it ain't like I have a horse that, if both its legs broke, that I'd shed even a single tear for upon its euthanasia. Mainly, I'm a fan of "the theater." I've taken lots of notes, listened to crap I don't really enjoy listening to, and changed my mind, daily. "He makes a good point," I say. And then I say, "Oh, but he's really enlightened on that, too." "Oh," I then say, "well, I hadn't thought about that." And, "is that really true," I ask? I like to think there are very few people like me who slog through the shit on both sides. Stay tuned. I'm going to try and be insightful, very soon.

ORGANIZING: Myself. I got all these 'big ideas.' Write some television scripts. Work on my screenplay. Write a short story for a contest. Write articles for spunkybean. Write a novel. Blog. Submit my writing to places. Oh, and run a website ...kinda. I used to get up early and write, write, write ...for a solid 1 1/2 hours. Now, I've found myself a bit distracted. That's it. Summer's over and I'm gonna get back at it. Big time!

BOWLING: Tomorrow. The way-too-long season begins tomorrow, and I'm super excited. Golf sucks. No, actually, golf is fun, but I suck at it. Bowling ...I'm good. So I love it. I'll update you on my scores and my current average throughout the season.

WATCHING: NFL football, staring tomorrow night. I'm joyous. Overwhelmingly, joyous.

LAUGHING: At Patton Oswalt's commencement speech from his old h.s. Brilliant.

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Myndi said...

That speech was hilarious! I think I laughed so hard I snorted a few times. Thanks for finding & sharing it.