Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Day Off

Defining "geeky" is a tough thing. While watching TV endlessly and then writing about it might be geeky to one person, something else might be even geekier than that to someone else. Like, say, printing movie scenes onto iron-on paper and ironing them onto t-shirts. I mean, isn't that geeky? Heck, some might even say writing a blog is totally geeky. But what happens when that person who called blogging "geeky" suddenly gets a blog of his very own? Is it, then, not-geeky by virtue of his participation? Or is it not-geeky because of the content therein? Or is it still totally geeky?

Well, I'm here to tell you blogging is totally cool. Iron on t-shirts are, still, horrendously geeky.

REDIRECTING: To Trent's Twisted Thoughts (on football, mostly). Now is the time of year where young men and women turn their thoughts to football, and some of them even join Fantasy Football leagues. Don't know what that is? Well, read his blog and the site he writes for ...Ask the Commish. With the onset of autumn, you might enjoy picking apples, raking leaves into piles and jumping into said piles, and you might even enjoy a Fantasy Football league. And if I catch any of you loyal readers using any site but Ask the Commish, I'll put you in timeout.

Ya know what else is cool? Grammar and spelling. Most times.

GRILLING: Something. Probably a hot dog. Maybe a burger. It is Labor Day, after all.

And, as always, tune in tomorrow and, very likely, I'll have a new post.

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