Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Reader at a Time

MARKETING: Myself. Here's how I typically pick up new blog readers. First, I don't tell them I blog alot about nothing much in particular except myself. Then, I hope someone else brings it up. Then, I kinda deny it, acting sheepish and embarassed (a very difficult thing for me to do). Then I say, "Yes. I have a blog where I write all about myself." Then, I spend the rest of the conversation convincing them I'm worth their reading time. Anyway, yesterday at lunch, I think I may have picked up another reader through this tried and true method.

SPUNKYBEANING: You know I'm always plugging the pop-culture web-site I founded with a friend, right? No doubt, you've checked it out. Well, if you haven't, lately, now's the time. The fall television season is back and we're some mad writing fools ...because we love TV.

TRIATHLONING: Less than three weeks until the big day. Something incredible has happened. Where once I hated the swimming, now I look forward to it. Being in the water is quiet and peaceful and I can be alone with my thoughts. Be happy I don't have a laptop with me during those moments and that I'm not blogging those thoughts. They'd be very "TV theme song" and "shark" heavy.

REMEMBERING: To tell you about my hair. Hard to believe, but it's better than ever. My stylist (whom I need to see, soon, btw) gave me a little tip on styling this coif. "Smoosh it forward," he said. "Then over," he said. Bam. The hardest part about swimming is that my hair must become mussed. But afterwards, in the lockerroom, I get a chance to style my hair for a second time on "swim days" and it makes it all worth it. When people say "hi" to me or smile at me in the mall, I like to think they're really saying "hi" and smiling at my hair.

INCHING: Ever closer to going on The Amazing Race. I begin recapping The 'Race for spunkybean beginning next Monday (the show's season premier is Sunday night, fyi). Well, we (fellow spunkybean writers and I) Facebook "frieneded" a racer from the upcoming season and, through CBS, he's agreed to let us interview him for the site. Soooooo the course of questioning, I ask him to evaluate mine and my partner's premise of going on the show as "complete strangers who've never met." And ...I have a CBS Executive (probably only an intern) who will also see the concept and maybe we can bypass that pesky interview and audition tape stuff, as well as being bound and gagged while at the auditions in order to avoid any contact with my would-be partner on The 'Race. In my brain, this'll work.

BREWING: Biggby's Coffee home. Costco sells giant bags of the stuff (was the use of the quantifier 'giant' really necessary when talking about Costco). And so, if you'll excuse me ...I'm off to brew some joe and start the day.

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