Monday, March 03, 2008

More Guard Talk

The DonniEgo Community Theatre Players
The Crazy Conversation V & VI:
G= The Security Guard; B = My Brother

(my brother is building a beer NASCAR-beer display for his store)
G: Don's-Brother (Guard chuckles) ... Bill - ya know, the guy who stocks stuff - was asking what do you think they will do with that NASCAR inflatable car when that display comes down? I told him I did not know if someone was going to take it home, or if it had to go back to the vendor. I don't know what you guys do with these.
B: Oh.
G: Yeah ... you know Bill collects things like that ... and toys ... he has a big collection. I don't know about them, I don't collect toys anymore. Nope. I don't collect toys. I collect coins, that is what I collect.
B: Oh? (my brother immediately regrets his inquisitive tone)
G: Yeah ... I was wondering what you will do with that car? Bill wants it if nobody else wants it. Or maybe Keith, he has alot of cars like that and he is big into cars. I told Bill I would keep an eye on the car when the display comes down. What do you guys do with the car?
B: It is in the office if anyone wants it. (the longest sentence he's ever said to Guard)
G: I'll take it and hang onto it for Bill so it doesn't disappear. You know Bill collects these and then after a while they are worth some money. They call it "collecterbills" (that is how he pronounced it).
B: (regretting his previous "oh?" more than ever) Leave it in the office and I will make sure Bill gets it.
G: Okay ... because you know Bill collects stuff like that and has alot of cars.
(and finally as my bro finished the display)

G: Don's-Brother (Guard is chuckling again) ... are you going to put a barbecue next to that?!?! (really getting a good chuckle out of the display)
B: Maybe.
G: (here comes the punchline) You know some people like beer and BBQ pork, or beer and BBQ ribs ,or beer and BBQ chicken, it would help the display.

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