Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Much to Watch

I've been taking some notes on napkins, envelopes, and sometimes even in my notebook. Here's some vitally important things on my agenda.

REMEMBERING: The Caribou Coffee by my house. I had two within a mile, and the one was a mere :30second drive away and now ...it's gone. I've been forced across the street to Starbucks. Because I don't enjoy the way they roast their beans, I'm saving money in the evenings as we're not getting random lattes, cappuccinos, or mochas to help us through our hours of TV each night. I have a good mind to contact Biggby's and see about opening one in there.

WATCHING: You probably think the Writer's Strike took a toll on my TV viewing habits. I'll admit ...it did, slightly. 14 hours worth of shows was cut to a mere 11.5. That's about to change, again. I've updated my Tivo list for your information.

GREEK: Returns to ABC Family on Monday, March 24th.

THE BACHELOR: Returned last night with a "Where Are They Now?" special and ...its ...like ...an irresistible force. I managed to escape after just 13 minutes, but I fear it will be on a TV somewhere in my house each Monday, and I'm doomed.

SOUTH PARK: Returns tomorrow night ...Wednesday, March 12th.

BREAKING BAD: Sunday nights ...the most gut wrenching hour on television. Bryan Cranston brings incredible life to this dying, suffering, complex character. I rank it in my top-5 shows on TV, already. I don't dare watch it on Sunday night because I simply can't sleep following it. He's a criminal. He's a father. He's trying to be responsible and his pride gets in his way, while at the same time he can't stop himself from traveling down a dark, dark path. If TV has a better loathsome-yet-sympathetic character, I haven't seen him.

HUMAN GIANT: You love them each week on Best Week Ever ...now see them bite off a second season of some, well, pretty good sketch comedy. Premiers tonight ...Tuesday, March 11th at 11pm. I think I'm being a bit needy in hoping for a 'good' sketch comedy show. It's been a while since a Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, Chappelle Show or Upright Citizen's Brigade really hit. Comedy Central doesn't even try, anymore (no ...I won't listen if you say Mind of Mencia is 'trying'). The Whitest Kids You Know is 'ok', and so is Human Giant. Frank TV on TBS is horrible, SNL still gets an hour and half each week for the simple fact it is SNL afterall, MAD TV I've never really 'gotten' ...its a bit of a downtick in the sketch comedy genre. Sometimes a show like Human Giant can ramp-up in its second season as they weed out what sucked, what works, add a few writers, and their network puts some money behind them. Watch tonight and judge for yourself.

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL: That's right. I'll be watching the WE Channel. I have daughters who, someday, will be in high school and I have to see this. 12 girls. 4 years of following them around on camera. Done right, this could be good. It premiered last night, but I'm sure you can catch the premiere again and 'Season Pass' the rest. Please, please let there be one well adjusted girl with straigh As who doesn't see the need to date, have a boyfriend, or experiment with anything of any kind. Just a gal who loves her Dad and is self-aware. Pleeeeeeeaaaase!

EDIT: This article from yesterday's USA Today makes me think High School Confidential is not going to fill me with hope and optimism.

And this doesn't even factor in the Hannity, O'Reilly, Daily Show, Colbert Report, and 3-hours of American Idol I already watch for my various writing assigments, and of course LOST, The Office, Pardon the Interruption, Survivor, Jericho, and Celebrity Apprentice. Phew! And March Madness is a mere 9 days away!!!

Taking into account only the programming and Tivo'ing past the commercials, I'm at 17+ hours (low estimate) of TV I'm trying to watch, weekly. I'm sick ...not Nickel-Guy 'sick' ...but, still ...pretty sick.


Krik said...

They closed the Caribou by my house too. It's not a bar called the Rusty Bucket. I need to go there.

Now I end up getting my Caribou fix at 14 & Woodward.

Don said...

The 14 and Woodward location ...I know it well. I'm partial to the downtown Birmingham locale, but I've also been known to drive-thru at Maple and Crooks. I'll let you know what I hear about the Biggby's franchise opps.

Krik said...

Saw a Biggby's going up on OLR between Lone Pine and Walnut Lake. Might have to stop in and check it out.