Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm Not Really into spunkybean ...Just Don.

Trust me ...I understand. I like me and things about 'me' way better than other people and what they have to say. So, I apologize to avid DonniEgo readers who've been left empty with lack of updates.

CHANGING: Hair stylists. This decision doesn't come easy, but I can no longer drive halfway across the city to stick with my hair stylist who changed salons. So, I called her old salon, Beauty in Birmingham, MI, and they set me up with a dude named Scott who, I have to admit, knocked it outta the park. That was Tuesday and I'm happy to report my hair is kickin'.

ANTICIPATING: A final, huge snow storm. The Metro Detroit area might get 8, 12 or 53 inches of snow sometime tomorrow. 'Developing storm' map here. I predict its going to pass south of me. But, I'd really like to use my snow blower another time, and my kids love the snow, so I'm hoping it hits Detroit and hits us hard.

REDIRECTING: You. To spunkybean. You don't think I'd let an entire blog entry pass without mentioning the site. My American Idol recaps are there ...hilarious and insightful as ever.

EMBEDDING: A cool YouTube video Darrin Wassom sent me about a program called Phun. It claims this software is a free download, and I aim to see if that's true. My kids, I think, would dig this.

Coming soon ...more guard talk, Survivor thoughts, and more.

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