Monday, March 10, 2008

My Dream Come True (represented by someone else's accomplishment)

Prepare to have your mind blown! Mine is.

APPLAUDING: The guy at Silly Pipe Dreams. In this entry he talks about meeting with the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which anyone who knows anything knows is about the funniest new show on TV in the past 3 years). And while I'm a new reader to Mr. Pipe Dream's blog, I've been able to gather he works in TV, a little, but was hired as a writer for the show in part because of his blog. I'm sure there's more to this. I just wanted to share something awesome.

SHARING: More Guard Talk. While this won't get my hired as a writer on TV, it will entertain a few of you.
The DonniEgo Community Theatre Players
The Crazy Conversation V & VI:
G= The Security Guard; B = My Brother

(my brother gets called to the front and told there is a guy walking around the parking lot looking into cars - pretty simple)
G: Don'sBrother. There is a guy who has been in the lot for about an hour. He is going in and out of the rows of cars and looking into the cars.
B: What does he look like (looking out into the lot)?
G: He has a grey sweater-hat-thing (he is describing a grey hooded sweatshirt).
B: Where was he?
G: I saw him over by the white thing, near the end of the lot over there in that area (he means a white car in the second row).

(after returning from walking around the parking lot)

G: He was out there for a long time. I think he is probably high, he seemed to be on something. He'll probably say he is looking for jumper cables ... NO WAY!!! Come on, out there for an hour in this cold? He is probably high.

(my brother does not feel more 'secure' despite this man being his store's 'security' guard)
(later ...a quicky)

G: Don'sBrother. Someone ran out the door with some product. Could be a man or a woman, could be black or white, I don't know what he got or anything.
B: Thanks.

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