Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Lamma Lamma Ding Dong

DISGUSTING: My coffee. I just grabbed coffee from the break room and it tastes like soy sauce.

REMEMBERING: I forgot to tell you something. While some may be "Athlete of the Month" ...some others of us are just badass, kickass athletes all the time. For example, in the July 26th Bump n Run. I finished 14th out of 70. I know ...not too shabby. There aren't any photos of me in the current photos section, but I'm hoping "more photos" is updated soon. I made super serious and cool faces when I knew a photographer was locked onto me. One time I even struck a Hulk Hogan Hulkamania muscle pose and I want to see how that turned out.

THINKING: It would be really, really cool if a photographer shot this event in exchange for sponsorship credit on the t-shirt, the web site, and in the bag. 60 or 80 people are going to run the August 23rd Bump n Run, and 30 or 40 friends and family members often join us afterwards and before the race. So, it might be fun. If a photographer asked me to approach Jeff Watters and GLTeams, I totally would. Well ...I'd ask my "Athlete of the Month" to ask. And if he took a buncha cool photos, I'm willing to bet at least one egomaniac would buy pictures of himself looking all awesome running in a river and stuff. And really ...what's the point of getting in tip-top shape if you don't wanna show off with, say, boudior photos.

CREATING: A super hero. He's called Button Man. My son created him out of thin air. And he's a heckuva a super hero. He basically makes magic buttons (ala Captain Feathersword) and puts them all over his person. Each button gives Button Man a new capability and he invents a new button in a new place whenever he hears of a new super power or superhero (ala Sylar, Heroes). One button makes him run fast (Flash). One makes him fly (Superman). One turns him into ice (Iceman). One makes his fingers into guns. Button Man is a lot like Inspector Gadget, actually, but his buttons aren't finite. They are infinite, I guess you could say. My nephew created his own superhero and calls his alter ego "Fin Shark" and I thought that was about the coolest, most creative thing I'd seen. Fin Shark is basically the creature from the Black Lagoon, but with shark-like features. Its very funny (and cute). Then, my son, without prompting, came up with his own superheor, too. I can't wait for this Halloween's photos showing these two 4 year old cousins as their favorite superheros ...Button Man and Fin Shark. I have a good mind to make a mini-comic book about these two. If only I knew someone who liked to write stories and random things in his free time. I'll find somebody on craigslist, I'm sure.

REALIZING: I can't draw. My first attempt to draw Button Man looks like a man with measels ...not buttons. Work in progress. Stay tuned for the adventures of Button Man & Fin Shark.

DECIDING: I will have to go see Tropic Thunder in the theaters. It looks too funny and is drawing so much criticism, it has to be good. Plus, I laugh every time Robert Downy Jr.'s "character" (a big distinction between the man and his character in a comedy) says, "now we up in the big leagues" to his platoon-mate. I understand satire and realize this is so completely over the top, it will have to be hilarious.

FORGETTING: The most brilliant part of this blog entry. It was going to be awesome. Something about "creating" and being inspired and changing the world. Instead, I had to end on a "a man in black-face is funny." Not good.

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