Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dorkin' it Up for You

What does it say about a man's life when his entire day can be made simply by seeing a sneak preview of the upcoming season of Heroes and by perusing the newest cast of The Amazing Race? I don't know, but I'll bet that man has no friends, pale skin, and he still parts his hair in the middle. Me? I mean ...I like this stuff, but it's not like my world revolves around it ...aheh ...uh hum ...ah ha. Yes. So ...Heroes. Here you go.

PREVIEWING: Heroes. By all accounts, I shouldn't like this show. I'm not a 'superhero' guy, per se. But this show found its way onto my radar when my brother kept calling me and shouting, "Dude! Heroes is awesome! You gotta watch this show. It's like Lost ...kinda." (You can see why I haven't recruited him for spunkybean) So, there was this one weekend where I had some sorta surgery and could do nothing but sit on the couch and SciFi Channel just happened to be running the Season 1 marathon in anticipation of the debut of Season 2 on NBC. So with nothing to do but sit on the couch and apply ice to things, I watched. And got hooked. And before there was spunkybean, I used this very blog to recap the episodes each week in a way only I can. For example ...upon watching this preview, I was struck by only 2 things ...where's that mimicking chick and I can't believe they just invented a 'level 5' and an even newer, more evil villain. Must be awesome to be a writer on this show ...fresh outta ideas? How 'bout a man who can jump like Wonder Woman. Bam. More shows and more seasons. Oh, yes. The preview.

AMAZING: Race. Check out the new racers. Then check back, cuz I'll be joining spunkybean's EJ and Myndi who always pre-judge reality show folks in pre-judging these people. I'll show you to your seat when you get back.

More tomorrow when I'll attempt "magic" posting.

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