Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Post I Might be Forced to Take-Down (or edit cleverly)

I don't get enough sleep. I don' t have enough time in the day to get things done. How does anyone ever get anything done?

SCHEDULING: My day. This is kinda new. Here's how it looks...
5am-5:20a - wake, drink water, coffee, empty dishwasher
5:20am - drink water, shower, shave
5:40am - writing/blogging/ spunkybean admin stuff
6:50am - pour milks, set table, get breakfast ready
6:55am - have my breakfast, watch The Daily Show/The Colbert Report from night before

(somehwere around here, my children make their way downstairs, I give them their breakfast)

7:15am - clear dishes, send kids upstairs, wife gets 'em dressed
7:40am - leave with my oldest for school
8:10am - arrive at work, mostly do work
LUNCH - if no lunch, write, blog, surf
5pm - leave for home
5:15pm - arrive home, change clothes, dinner
6:00pm - playtime
6:45pm - kids get baths/showers, get ready for bed
7:00pm - start kids's show/snack
7:30pm - my youngest goes to bed
7:40pm - my two oldest go to bed, story, prayers, song
8:00pm - phew time ...usually go running, do Pilates, or lift weights (that's right ...I'm a he-man ...the weights are totally heavy)
9:30pm - "Hi, dearest wife of mine. How are you? What's new? Wanna watch some TV?"
- bedtime, read, fall asleep
Throw in mowing the lawn or any minor chore, and the whole thing's outta whack and I'm giving up something.

Hard to believe I actually read a book about keeping a blog and it was titled No One Cares What You Had for Lunch, and yet this is my blog entry, today.

Oh, wait. But I have a point. The point is, I want you all to feel sorry for me, while simultaneously being impressed by me. If even one person is impressed by me, it makes it all worth it. Feel free to leave comments expressing your adoration and admiration of my discipline.

WATCHING: Nothing. Literally. The Democratic National Convention, sure, but its boring. I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh (though it pains me). I can't wait to see Obama and the Greek columns he's going to set-up on stage.

WISHING: A happy birthday to my most loyal, most beautiful, most ass-kickin'est blog reader. This person cares about my daily schedule, I can tell you that. Happy birthday, li'l missy. This is my little birthday song wish to you, very special person...

I almost went with this other one. Tune in tomorrow for reports of my running and writing prowess.

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